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Feb 28, 2000

Riggs Blog Chit Chat - TEST FOUR, last try tonight...

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Jan 23, 2000

Brent Fit@45 Lists

Reasons to Eat Right, Get Fit and Be Healthy:
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Exercise & Fitness Tips:
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Healthy Weight Loss & Diet Tips:
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Great Diet & Exercise Blogs:

Jan 1, 2000

Praying For Abby T-shirts

Hi! My name is Heather. That's me down there at the bottom of this pink box, with our daughter, also "Abby".
I wanted to tell you about something that a group of people are doing for the Riggs. We've been putting this together for weeks, and I talked Brent & Michelle into letting me tell their blog friends about it.

A group of us have gotten "Praying for Abby" T-shirts donated to help raise money for the expenses the Riggs have had since Abby got sick. You read their blog, so I don't have to convince you how giving they are to other people. We wanted to help them by raising some money, and wanted to give all of you a chance to particpate.

I hope you'll consider purchasing a couple t-shirts, or 10, or 20 :)... all proceeds go directly to Brent and Michelle. For more information and to purchase:
Note the sizes you want when you order: Adult (sm, med, lg, xL, xxL); Child (sm, med, lg, xl)

Abby G-Tube Port Wound

This is the port that has been on her. It works better for everyday use, but the edges being flush against the wound was causing Abby a great deal of pain. Janna Walters suggested a different tube temporarily and it was a great idea.

Here is the new tube. We will use it until her skin heals.

From Brent: Michelle does such a wonderful job caring for Abby's medical needs. We all help, but most of the credit has to go to her for being attentive to every single detail. Abby is very blessed that God gave her to Michelle knowing this time would come.

Riggs Family Blog Followers

Videos: Children Cheering Up Kids

The following is a list of children's stories, dancing, fun and greetings that our blogger friends read and put on video for Abby while she was in the hospital.

We will update this list every time we get a new video sent to us with newest listed first. We created this page so that other families could enjoy it to.