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Jan 1, 2000

Praying For Abby T-shirts

Hi! My name is Heather. That's me down there at the bottom of this pink box, with our daughter, also "Abby".
I wanted to tell you about something that a group of people are doing for the Riggs. We've been putting this together for weeks, and I talked Brent & Michelle into letting me tell their blog friends about it.

A group of us have gotten "Praying for Abby" T-shirts donated to help raise money for the expenses the Riggs have had since Abby got sick. You read their blog, so I don't have to convince you how giving they are to other people. We wanted to help them by raising some money, and wanted to give all of you a chance to particpate.

I hope you'll consider purchasing a couple t-shirts, or 10, or 20 :)... all proceeds go directly to Brent and Michelle. For more information and to purchase:
Note the sizes you want when you order: Adult (sm, med, lg, xL, xxL); Child (sm, med, lg, xl)


Carol said...

I want to buy a shirt or two but can't with pay pal. I'm having trouble with it. Can I send a check somewhere?

Fams4God said...

I am having problems w/ Paypal too. When it got to the thank you part and asked to enter my email, it would not go further. How can I find out if my order went through? Thanks :0)

Jill said...

My kids would all love to have one, but. My boys are not wanting the pink. Can you do another color? Thanks!!

Heather said...

Sorry this has taken so long to reply, but I'm not very good with computers!! Anyway to answer your ?'s

1.) yes... you can send a check with all the info needed (size make sure to tell me adult or child and a complete address) to Brent and Michelle

2.)you can e-mail me with all your info and I can tell you if I have your order

3.) No.. All I have is pink but if 100 people want to order a different color we can place another order (but it has to be at least 100 for the printers to do it)

If anyone has any questions please e-mail me at

Heather said...

Ok I just got a call and it looks like we have another sponsor who is buying 200 more shirts and will change the color (so we will have a "boy" friendly color soon)