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Jan 1, 2000

Videos: Children Cheering Up Kids

The following is a list of children's stories, dancing, fun and greetings that our blogger friends read and put on video for Abby while she was in the hospital.

We will update this list every time we get a new video sent to us with newest listed first. We created this page so that other families could enjoy it to.


Fine family said...

Hope you like these stories Abby we Love you!

Melody said...

Hi Brent! Several weeks ago I emailed you a video link of my son reading to Abby. :) The first time, you had to email me back because I forgot the link. But I did later send the link along. I haven't seen it yet on the list of videos and he keeps asking. ;) I wanted to make sure there was no problem with the link? (It's below again, just in case)