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Jan 17, 2009

Spidey Bash!

SpideyLandis loved his SpideyCake! Thanks so much to webfriend Toni
for making the cake and bringing decorations.

SpideyLandis shows off his worldclass webshooting technique.

SpideyLandis cutting up with his spiderrific
girlfriend, Bethanie.

SpideyLandis tries out a new webslinger pose.
He saw the picture on the bag behind him,
and HAD to practice until he got it right.

SpideyLandis with new spideypants and spideyshorts
holding a new spideytoy.

SpideyLandis loved his new spiderunderpants so much,
he kissed them over and over again!

Toni Baker... special thanks to her as she has helped us
celebrate both Abby and Landis' birthday, making
decorations, a cake and fun games!

Cute baby moment... I caught Susie Grace
by surprise with this great shot
with Momma, Carol.

The Meeks have a beautiful "Abby" too,
with proud Dad looking on in the background.

Carl and Christine came over and talked us all
into getting Bunn coffee makers and Garmin watches!

And now for the finale... help us with a caption for this pic... leave a comment and we'll post the winner with a link to your blog or website...


Terri said...


::Gasp:: Ya know what? I think I should hold on to the ears before I fall off

Looks like a fabulous glad SpideyLandis enjoyed all his awesome spideriffic gifts...I enjoyed all of the pics!


Jacque said...

HAppy Birthday SpideyLandis!

Amanda said...


I have a nephew who loves spiderman too!! his birthday last year was spiderman!!

Kathyb1960 said...

Ahhh man! I wanted that Spiderman stuff! I never get any good stuff!

Laurie said...

Happy birthday SpideyLandis. I hope you had a great day! Hugs and prayers for Abby.

Picture - Oops I tooted!

I guess that's just the phase we are in so that's what came to mind!

Roy Cross said...

Hope the birthday was wonderful Spidey!

Stacey said...

"I think I need my diaper changed!" :o

Kristine said...

Did someone say Frieda, Frieda Kahlo?

That photo is ADORABLE!! And this is meant as a compliment BTW! :)

Anna Grace`s Jie Jie said...

How cute!! What a fun party! Amazing pictures!!! Love the one of Susie Grace! AMAZING! SpideyLandis is a doll and looks like he had SO much fun at his party! Happy Birthday SpideyLandis!!!!!

Anonymous said...

GAH! Yes, I know! For the millionth time ... the unibrow comes from mom's side of the family!

tee hee ... cute baby

Debbie T said...

What a wonderful day for you all! Happy Birthday, Landis! Spiderman is my favorite too!!! DebbieT

Lynn said...


I wonder if that was me or if that was him????

Cute photos!!!

We are all praying for all of you!!!

Kristi said...

I hope he doesn't figure out what happened BEFORE I get down from here!!!

What a great party for a great SpideyLandis!!

So glad Abby was home - we're praying!

Mike Donahoe said...

Happy Birthday Landis. Hope you've had a great day.

Mike and Betty Donahoe
Columbus, Ohio

Lena's mama said...

Oh, I want a piece of that cake! Levitate, levitate...

Ferrick said...

So many wonderful pictures. I am so happy that all of you were able to have a wonderful celebration day for Landis. He is truly a gift. I remember when my boys were in to Spidey, now its ipods and Nintendo DS. Blessings, Susie

The Burk Family said...

"What? With short legs comes great immobility!"

We are praying for little Abby!
Dana Burk

joan's blessings said...

Wide Eyed wonder!

Anonymous said...

"I Think I Just Saw Spideyman!!!!!

Happy Birthday Landis, I mean Spideyman!!!!

The Burk Family said...

Sorry! Made a quick revision that sounds better to the ear.

"What? With short legs comes a great need for mobility!"


"Some superheros fly, some climb walls, but some of us rely on our cuteness to get around."

Dana Burk

April said...

"Oops..tooted...think he'll notice?"
What a wondeful party, my spidergirl would be jealous! :)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

These people are NUTS !!

Anonymous said...

I think I saw a SpideyLandis!

I am praying for Abby every day. I am blessed to have found you through MckMama's website.


Holly said...

He is so PRECIOUS! What a fun party! What a sweet little Spidey you have there. I was telling my Ben, who is 4, about him, since we have all been praying for Abby. I told him about his love of Spiderman, and said I thought they would make good friends if we lived nearby. But we both agreed that when they played, Ben would definitely be Iron Man!

nikki said...

"Ooops I hope he can use drool as hairgel"

So glad everyone had a great time at the party!
Happy Spideyday, Landis!!!!

Denise said...

Happy, Happy Birthday, SpideyLandis! I think you got the coolest spiderman cake and presents I've ever seen! Sure looks like you had a fun birthday!

Kritter Krit said...

"Oh, man. What the heck did I EAT??"

Molly said...

"Uhh guys?? Feelin' a little woozy up here. I think I do best with both feet on the ground..."

Prayin for sweet Abby!!

Love in Christ,

Stella said...

Everything looks awesome! Happy SpideyBirthday SpideyLandis!!!

Amanda said...

Happy Birthday Landis!! Sorry this is coming to you soooo late at night (and I'm sure you are fast asleep after a day of friends and family and FUN), but I wanted to wish you a happy birthday! I didn't get the facebook email until just now because our family has had a weekend full of b-days as well. My niece's b-day is on the 16th and mine is tomorrow (the 18th)...but I wanted you to know you were thought of!! Continue to pray for your sister, Abby, too. Take care and many hugs!

Jill said...

"Ummm I think I need to Pee, Anyone? Anyone?"

Happy Birthday SpideyLandis, hope all you Spideydreams came true!
Praying everyday!

customlifebooksmom said...

Happy Birthday Landis-

Love the picture. My first thought was
"If I squeeze it out real quiet-like, maybe he won't even notice"

Praying for Abby in MA.

Joni in MN said...

It's chilly at this HIGHER Elevation :)

Bobbi said...

SpideyLandis looks like a great party. Happy Birthday, big boy!!!

Kaleigh said...

"I've got the real present here in this diaper..."

Guatemalan Team said...

"Oh my I ate so much Spiderman cake I feel like my daddy is going to be wearing it before long.."

"HMMMM if I pull this ear and then that ear I wonder if my dad will put me down n change my diaper..."

The party looked like a great time.. I am happy that Landis had a good birthday..

Crazy Momma said...

"Hmpf!" Guess I get nothin'!"

Anonymous said...

I wonder if he knows what just happened in my pants?

Holly said...

"Oh yeah? You want a piece of me? You're gonna have to get through this guy first!"

Phoenix's Mom said...

"Mom, said a woman has a right to change her mind!"

~Brenda said...


"Who says plucking is in?"

So sad to hear about Abby. I am praying!


Jodie said...


Happy Birthday SpideyLandis!

Courtney said...

What...You think I look like HIM??? WHO said that? HUH???WHO said that?

Tamara B said...

"Dad I'm trying to hold it in but I can't any longer. Hope the smell and the warmth on your neck don't make you gag."

Lisa-Jo Baker said...

"These ain't the cheap seats, folks!"