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Feb 26, 2009

Abby Update & Signs of the Times

Abby got "chocolate blood" today (that's what she calls a transfusion, don't ask). So she is feeling refreshed and doing pretty good.

She has been throwing up a lot lately, and Michelle and I have had quite a few sleepless nights this week. Very tired. We appreciate your prayers for strength and health.

The throwing up appears to be from the very harsh chemo she has had (four days last week, four days this week). She is getting platelets tomorrow. We'll keep you posted. Meanwhile, here's a few photos we hope you like:

SpideyLandis SERIOUS about his training.
This is his best "don't mess with me" look.

Abby is "cool breeze" but SpideyLandis is about to pounce.

The tongue is out for a reason. You know what
the orange junk on his mouth is, don't you?

"Bubba, quit kissing me. Boys are GROSS! (except for my 62 boyfriends)"

Abby loves her gifts and all the cards and messages.

Doing chemo again. Serious stuff.

Any wonder why we love her so much. No matter
what she goes through, she is happy and blessing.

Your guess is as good as mine... but it's got to be bad.
I'm thinking some bad chili, or a serious spideywedgie.

It could be that Abby is really happy,
or it could be she just got busted sneaking into the drawer.

Signs of the Times By Brent

I was driving down the road when I saw a truck passing me that said "Kingdom Alarm Systems". I kind of chuckled to myself thinking about how "out of business" they will be when we are in the real Kingdom.

Traveling along I began to recall some of the names that well-meaning Christians have labeled their businesses without really thinking through the implications.

Agape Wrecking Service. Does this mean they unconditionally love all wrecks and towing? Or that they have a Godly love for destroying things?

Believers Polygraph Systems. Is this a service that can only tell if Christians are lying? Or perhaps it's a machine that can tell by your answers whether you really are a believer or not. Maybe it means that believers will pass the test even if they are lying. Or maybe it means you have to believe you are actually taking a polygraph. Or you believe polygraphs work.

Heavenly World Travel Agency. Could this be where angels can book a cruise to the Bahamas? Or where people who are experiencing "hell on earth" can plan a change of scenery? Do you have to die first in order to "come aboard"? Is it ONY one-way?

Covenant Arbitration Group. I wonder if they list Moses as one of their clients? It would be a little scary to have to subpoena the Creator of the Universe as a defendant. "Mr. Creator Sir, did you understand the terms of the contract? Did you read the fine print?" Exactly who would you turn to to enforce a monetary judgment against the Almighty? Is part of their service involve sacrificing animals or putting out fleece overnight?

Exodus Home Builders. It would kind of stink to spend six months building your dream home and then immediately have to pack up and walk away from it. At least you might get some cool gifts from your neighbors on your march out of the neighborhood. Maybe it means that once they are done building, the builders leave the house. Or maybe the houses are constructed with bricks made from straw. Hard to figure.

Narrow Way Road Construction. I just hope you're not in a hurry. I'm pretty sure they did they highway our to our one-stop-sign town.

Abundant Life Weight-Loss. Maybe the abundant life is the problem in the first place. A better name might be the Living Sacrifice Weight Loss... on second thought people might just take that ("living sacrifice") to mean "grill more hamburgers"... poor cows. (not the people trying to lose weight, the actual cows that the hamburgers came from! Ooohhh, I'll get some ugly emails for that one. Hint: I'm not exactly skinny, so I can cut jokes about it.)

And finally the one that puzzles me the most but I see it everywhere I go: "Wine and Spirit".

At first I used to think this was a store where you picked up Communion supplies but I'm beginning to wonder if those really are Bibles they are hiding in them there brown paper sacks.

~ Brent


Ohilda said...

Too funny!!!

We continue to pray for Abby and I just want you to know that there are prayer warriors all over the globe that we've passed on her prayer request to, and of course, our church in Ft. Myers, FL is lifting her up daily.

I love the pictures, but that last one of Abby is priceless. She's unbelievable and quite a hoot! What a personality. God bless her!


Ferrick said...

Chemo is serious, but we also have a serious God and he has no room for sickness, he bore that on the cross! Hugs Abbie, We are celebrating your victory today as we know you are healed in Him! Susie

Jenney said...

Wine and Spirit made me laugh. I had to buy whiskey for my 2 year old (if you want to know why on EARTH I would be doing that, contact me...not going into it here) and I felt so weird walking out of the liquor store with the brown paper bag. I asked my husband (a cop) why they sold it that way...he said because people want to drink it as soon as they get out of the store and most places have open container laws. Please, everyone knows what is in there!
Anyway, I was thinking about you guys last night because my lil guy got his first Spider Man shirt (it lights up) from our neighbors last night and I can hardly get it off of him...I wondered if Landis had one like it.
Hoping Abbey feels better from the chemo soon and you guys get some sleep tonight.

Guatemalan Team said...

I love all the pictures.. They are such wonderful children.. I just love their smiles they have.. God Bless you family..

Kelli said...

Haaaa! You are one funny dude. Those company names are a riot, I agree.

Love the pics as always and I'm planning to send Abby and Michelle something soon. :)

kelliebean said...

Oh, that Abby is such a joy - well, ALL of those kids of yours are! My daughter has our children's church praying for her now. :)

Covenant Arbitration Group...too funny!

And, as always, we've got all of you in our prayers here.

Carol G said...

I was just reading about Cody at Days in the Life....and nearly in tears, when I got on your blog. Perfect timing! I am praying for Cody and Abby, but I needed the laugh I got about the Christian signs! The photos are just wonderful. Thanks for perking me up a bit.

noahandlylasmommi said...

Its amazing that she can keep up a smile after all she is going through! Makes me realize if she can manage a smile, there is no reason I cant! I will be praying for you all.

maria said...

Laughing out loud at the company names..and loving the pics..praying that God continues to give your family good reports!!

Maria Jeffries

Cheryl, said...

I pray for little Abbie every night. She is just precious.

Hugs to you all,

Cheryl & Kayleigh Ann

~*Michelle*~ said...

First...still on our knees for Abby. We pray that she gets through these treatments as comfortable as possible. I love her smile.

Second....had a good laugh at those company names. I heard of "Amigone Funeral Home"....kinda cracked me up.

Rhonda said...

What great pictures! Still saying lots of prayers for Abby.

Holly said...

Brent...I hope you keep Michelle laughing like this is such a good medicine for the soul.
You have such a great sense of humor. I know God put you two together for a divine purpose!

Meredith said...

Always praying for Abby and the rest of your family. About the "chocolate blood" I have never heard anyone, besides me, call it that. Sure put a smile on my face to hear (read) that. And I was about Abby's age when I first named it that... and didn't stop calling it that until I was at least 14. Hopefully her aversion to chocolate syrup won't last as long as mine did :)

Darlene said...

Those pictures were a delight. Thanks for the laughs!!

..a joyful heart is good medicine...

Christine said...

Abby's big smile made me smile!