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Mar 26, 2009

Hi/Lo Thursday

Last Last Mention:

Hey, this is Heather one last, last time. We sold all the original shirts and printed a new batch. So those of you with orders out, they will be shipped pretty quick.
And if you haven't gotten we, like I said, we have a new batch! The Riggs still have two years of chemo and medical bills coming, so if you want to help them, it will be greatly appreciated. Abby is home and past the "hell phase" but there's still a LOT of journey left.
If you want to help the Riggs, more information here.

Hi/Lo Thursday

When you participate in things like "Laughter Lives Tuesday", "Hi/Lo Thursday", or suggest a photo caption, you get links on our site to your blog, chances to be in our magazine and a lot of laughs and tears.

Hi/Lo Thursday is where we get to know each other by sharing our emotional/spiritual HIGH and LOW for this previous week. It's a great way to get to know each other!

Only in a very special home do you find a little girl playing with
I.V. bags and Diego cards. Go figure!


Abby is home now. We are slowly but surely getting her stronger and healthier. She is starting to smile again a little bit (without being asked), and interacting with the other kids more. We are so happy to NOT be in the hospital.
We are entering the "maintenance phase" that lasts for two years and it is SUPPOSED to be much easier. We pray this will be true for Abby who has had NOTHING easy since this started.

Abby still feels very rough. She still has a lot of the chemo effects and has to take a lovely load of pain meds every day. She is suffering some withdrawals as we wean her off.
We were sad to hear about and continue to read the updates on baby Stellan. Please pray for Jennifer and her family. We know all about trusting our kids to God, and we know they trust God just as much.

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The Mama said...

Glad she is out of the hospital, and smiling not on q! Good! Hope she gets feeling better!

Lisa said...

So great to hear Abby is doing a little better! And SO glad she is home!