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Mar 18, 2009

It's Official... I Know I'm Gittin' Old

Note: Update on Abby coming later this evening... some good news finally.

My arms are no longer long enough to hold the fine print far enough away
to read it. I also discovered that my phone and computer screens
are actually crystal clear, not fuzzy. You know you're gittin' old
when you finally stick a pair of reading glasses on your nose and look
more like your parents than their once young kids.

At some point in your life you just have to accept the fact that you aren't twenty, you can't act like you're twenty, and your body won't work likes it twenty. We git old... it's just the way it is.

That can bum you out and depress, you can fight it tooth and nail, you can not care... or you can enjoy it. Now, here's the only serious statement I want to make in this post because this is supposed to light hearted: getting old, breaking down and wearing out serves as a joyful and tangible reminder that we are getting nearer and nearer to our reward. God has turned the curse of sin into a blessing because He allows us to gradually release this temporal tent of flesh as we ready ourselves to trade in for a new, eternal, perfect model.

Now, back to the fun. I'm starting a list below: "You Know Your Gittin' Old When...". No explanation needed... let's have some fun:


Kelli said...

Ironically, Brent, I think you look quite young in that photo!