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Mar 19, 2009

Open Season Friday & Abby Update

Abby Update from Michelle

Abby, Sami and I had a wonderful day. They opened care packages, ate yummy homemade cookies, played with friends and did crafts. Abby and Sami turned a day stuck in a hospital into a day filled with fun. I love those silly girls.

Abby's WBC are increasing. The number that tells us how good her immune system is working (ANC) has risen from zero on Tuesday, to 748 on Wednesday to 848 today. The goal is for it to be several thousand, while she has this infection. After Abby is healed from this wound infection, they will bring her ANC back down to 1200-1500. Abby's cancer mimics WBC, so by keeping her WBS low they they hope her in remission.

Abby's wound in looking much better. It is big and deep, so it will take time to heal, but we are very happy with the progress it is making.

Thanks again for all of your prayers. Saturday will be three weeks in the hospital and we are understandably tired. We long to have our family together again.

Open Season Friday

Open Season Friday's are when you ask us anything you want, and we post up several answers today and over the weekend.

How many we answer really depends on how lengthy some of the answers are, and of course, what is going on with Abby.

The list of questions will tag along with THE NEWEST ANSWER, so that new questions can be added, and existing questions can be viewed.

Ask your question using the form below. Obviously we won't be able to answer all questions... we'll just randomly answer whatever grabs us. We'll call each post "Answer 1", "Answer 2" so that you'll know how many have been posted. Sometimes we answer several questions in one post.

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as written by Barbara said...

So glad Sami was able to come and be with you and Abby today, Michelle. Hope family time won't be too much longer. We'll keep the prayers going.

Barbara Lyman :-)
Marysville, WA

Kelli said...

I am so happy to hear that Abby is moving in the right direction! Most definitely an answer to prayer!

Sarah said...

That smile is precious! It's so good to see Abby looking and feeling better. We'll continue to pray for her and for you guys -- being in this hospital for this long has to be tiring (just like you said).

Robyn said...

I am so glad to hear that Abby is improving!! I am continuing the prayers!!

Alex and Sam said...

THIS IS WONDERFUL NEWS!!!! i HOPE Abby is able to go home real soon!!
come on WBC keep on rising!!!


Lisa said...

Yeah! That is our package Abby & Sami has! Well, unless you get several packages a day sent in Pampers Size 6 boxes with brown paper wrapping. And I happen to know it had crafts in it! Hope they enjoy it!

p said...

Just want to say it's great to see the LIGHT back in Abby's eyes!!!! God Bless.

Lisa said...

Also wanted to add, so glad about Abby's counts! Glad Sami is getting to spend the day with her. Prayers for all you guys, as always.

Gabby said...

*I'm so glad to hear Abby is doing better. She is a very strong little girl, I had my J tube removed on tuesday and it got infected and it one of the most painful things I've ever been through. I actually in the hospital because of it right now. I will continue to pray for a speedy and whole recovery for Abby! God Bless* Gabby