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May 28, 2009

Open Season Answers & Pics

From Michelle:

First, Blogger lost my adoption blogroll, I am working on it now.

taylor asked:
What are your kids favorite things to do? Also, have you ever thought about special needs adoption?

Their favorite thing to do is play with Daddy. They are so loud when they are playing with him, but they are smiling from ear to ear and laughing until their sides hurt. I love watching the kids climb all over their daddy.

They also love to play outside and swim. The more friends who are with them the better. They also enjoy listening to books on tape while they quietly play with toys or do crafts. The kids all (including the teenagers) play really well with each other and are very close. We are truly blessed.

Have I ever thought about special needs adoption? YES, YES, YES! Their is a special needs orphanage in Ethiopia that I would love to adopt from. Will I ever get to do it? I hope so, but I don't know what the future.

Abby and Sami talk ALL day, EVERY day about adopting again. Abby wants a baby brother more than she wants anything else. I asked her if she would rather go to Disney World (her Make a Wish trip) or adopt a baby boy, she picked a baby brother, hands down. She wants him to live in her room and sleep right next to her. She talks about feeding him, rocking him and kissing his little bald head. Some four year olds dream about having a baby, without really knowing what changes it would bring to them and their family. Abby has taken her "job" of being Landis's big sister very seriously from day one. The fact that he now out weighs her doesn't slow her down one bit.

Sami wants to adopt a 9 year old girl from Ethiopia. She dreams about having another sister to play with. Sami know all to well how many older kids are waiting for a family of their own.

I have no idea what God has in store for our family, but we are willing to do whatever God calls us to do. This post by Amy Block makes me want to adopt again right now.

Merrill Preiss asked:
Just wanted to let you know that my family and I will be volunteering with Mayan Families in Guatemala for 7 weeks this summer. We leave for Guatemala June 4. We plan to post updates and photos of our adventures.

I love Panajachel, Guatemala. Thank you so much for spending your time helping the Mayan families. I would love to be there with you. I added your blog to our adoption blog role, so that I can follow your journey. Thank you so much for letting us know about your trip.

Abby and Kadan are pals. Kadan is Travis Block's
little brother. So if Travis marries Abby, then Kadan
will be Abby's new brother! Sounds like a plan!

Abby wants a new brother or sister.... BAD! She talks
about it every single day.


Kelli said...

I can't wait to see what you all decide and watch it come to pass!

<3 y'all!

Taylor said...

That is sooo sweet how they want another sibling :) I have read that post on mrs blocks blog also and it intensified ( if possible) my adoption dream for the future :)

Joni In MN said...

ALL I can say at this moment is THANK YOU Michelle for posting in link to Blocks Family... I'd LOST all links awhile and in doing so I lost track of who's who. THANK YOU! Now I'll just let the tears fall. :)

Joni In MN said...

So sorry but forgot to mention THANK YOU for posting Merrill's link also...
which also led me to the Mayan families! :)

Anonymous said...

I love the pictures. I tried to look at the "hat" that Abby is wearing to figure out how to make them, but couldn't find one that shows the back. :(

My 11th grandchild was adopted a year ago from China. She will be 3 on July 4th. She is a special needs child as she had a cleft lip and palate. The government in China fixed her lip, but it needs re-doing. She had the palate fixed here. My other son and wife wanted to adopt (they have 6 kids already)and were in the process when she found out she had about 26 malignant tumors in her stomach. The adoption agencies said, "no way" even though her doctor at Mayo Clinic said these are the kind that won't spread outside the stomach and haven't attached to the stomach. They are just leaving them alone right now, but check on them every year for changes. It has been 3 years now. They were heartbroken when they couldn't adopt.

Love and prayers for all of you.

Ann Stegall
Wake Forest, NC

Marie said...

Oh how sweet the girls want another sibling so much! Very generous of you to consider a special needs child, though of course you got one in Abby even if you didn't know it at the time! Whoever the future child is, they will be going to a lovely home and will be very lucky indeed.

Andrea said...

:o) My boys want a sister, but one older than them. So sweet that Sami (I have a Sami too) wants a sister to play with. I will be in prayer that God provides if it's in His will! ;o)

Deanna said...

I have a Guatemalan daughter the same age as Abby and now 3 adopted kids from Ethiopia. I think you guys could bring home at least that many. We really believe the kids are easier to take care of than a puppy ;)


Mary said...

Our four year old daughter was adopted through the China SN program 2 years ago. She has been an absolute gift to us. She also has been asking for a baby brother - maybe it's a 4 year old thing?