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May 11, 2009

Open Season Answers from Michelle (3) & Couple More Pics

No name asked:
You are one cute couple ... how do you find time for date nights ???

Brent is wonderful about arranging babysitters, so we can go out. When Abby is in the hospital it we almost never went out (only once in twenty admissions). Now that she is home we try to go out at least every few weeks.

Honestly, it is hard for me to leave the kids, but I know it is important for our marriage. I always have fun once he gets me out the door.

anon asked:
Does it bug you when people of other faiths pray for you? Or do you think that it doesn't matter because Gd doesn't hear their prayers..

When people ask me about our blog, the thing I always mention is that there are many people, from many different faiths praying for Abby. I LOVE that they are willing to set aside our differences and pray for my daughter. What a precious gift.

One wonderful woman, who is an agnostic, wrote that she was praying for Abby every day, just in case there is a God. Her willingness to pray for Abby, even though it was not something comfortable for her to do, touched me more than any other comment or email.

Brent and I care deeply for other people. Whether they agree with us or not, doesn't change our feelings about them as people or our desire to be friends with them.

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Some previous, unpublished pics:

Blurry and terrible color, but this was a pic of Abby
wearin a costume for her Make a Wish.

Abby, happy as usual, big smile.


Debbie said...

Abby is so precious. Her smile is infectious Michelle.

aaensons said...

i absolutaly love your family and love everything that is said from your fingers. I would love to some day meet abby