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Aug 10, 2009

Junk Mail and Fly Hell And the Forbidden Subject

Fly Hell

Abby asked me the other day, "Dad, do the flies take our food down to hell?"

I suppose you want me to explain that.

It's summer in Oklahoma and that means one thing: flies. Especially when we've had a lot of rain, and we have.

One night, when I was going crazy trying to kill a hundred flies that were tormenting us, I declared to the kids at the dinner table "All flies go to fly hell when they die!"

A few days later, Abby is watching the flies try to munch on our dinner and wondered if they would be taking our food to fly hell. Gotta love kids.

Junk Mail

We make good use of junk mail. I mean, you're going to get it in the mailbox anyway, so you might as well do something fun with it.

What? We make it the mail that comes for the kids (Sami, Abby, Landis). We give Sami anything that might be fun or interesting to look at. Abby and Landis? It doesn't matter... just the fact they get mail is EXCITING!!!

When we get the mail, we hand out the real stuff, and then go "oh, look... some mail for Abby... and a piece for Landis... you got MAIL!!!!" And they just think they are so grownup and important.

They will carry that mail around all day long reminding you frequently that "they got mail". It's a LOT of fun, and at least the junk mail serves some purpose rather than going straight to trash.

The Forbidden Subject

I don't write about politics on this blog but I thought you might enjoy the blog post I just put up that takes a look at a Bible event remarkably similar to what we see in America today. Go to

~ Brent

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