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Oct 5, 2009

Blog Hop - Fill In & Finish

Blog Hop - Fill In & Finish - 10/5/2009 - Begins 10pm Central Monday


The Blog Hop theme for this coming Monday is "Fill In & Finish". I can explain it much easier by showing you a sample. See my example here:

Fill In & Finish - By Brent

You just found out you have one week to live. The first person you call is your wife and say "God is in control, and we must be joyful for all the blessings He has given us". Immediately after hanging up the phone, you leave the doctors office and before heading home you go to gather all the kids from school so you can spend as much time with them as possible.

You gather your family at home that night and say "No one must worry or be mad at God. God knows what He is doing, and while it may be hard, it will all work together for our blessing if we choose to look for it" then all of you together pray, answer questions, talk about the future and plan the week.

You book a three day trip to three different places because you've always wanted to visit like Ireland, Israel and Alaska. On the way back from your trip you stop off at for some sunrises on the beach to share more memories with your family because you've been meaning to for a long time.

For two more days you spend your time reading the Bible, writing many, many letters to your children and wife, date them, so they can be given out over time - and spend the rest of your time alone with my wife and kids. You make sure you have everything legally taken care of so that your wife and kids won't have to deal with all that, get your latest book finished, finish one last public message to put on your blogs and find out the most important things your wife wants to do during the remaining time.

The final day is too personal to write about but you wonder to yourself: why did I have to get a death notice before I finally did all those things this week?

The reason I'll probably keeping putting off all those things is you let too many "busy" tasks and non-critical needs take priority but you hope that thinking about it because of this blog post will be a motivation to make sure you don't need a death sentence to get around to them.

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Tammy On the Go said...

this is a good topic

Jules said...

Thanks for this Blog Hop. I have participated in almost all of them and love it. This one made me think a lot about why we don't do what is really important to us. Thanks.