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Oct 22, 2009

Day Eight - Abby's Magical Trip To Florida

From Brent

(Note: our official Make a Wish Trip was seven days. We are now entering out 2nd week which extended our vacation when invited by our friends, Darron and Tracy, to stay with them at their home. We want to make sure for all the families reading this that Make A Wish, for liability reasons, will not and cannot extend your one week official trip. Darron and Tracy graciously purchased airline tickets for us to stay a week longer. It's important that we be very clear about this so that no one has misconception about this when they do their Make a Wish trip with the Oklahoma chapter.)
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We are having a great time. The kids are playing, swimming and living it up. We had a little break today from any big scheduled family activity and will fire up again tomorrow (Friday) with a trip to Orlando. Michelle is planning some get-togethers for us with blog friends. It's going to be another action packed week.

Hurt So Good

After walking theme parks for five days, I played three sets of tennis on Tuesday, golf Wednesday morning and then another 3 sets of competitive tennis Wednesday night. For those of you who play, it's genuine 4.0 men's doubles. One match was with Tracy (Darron's wife), filling in for one of the "men". She is a great player and fits in even with the men because she does NOT care how hard we hit. In fact, she gets mad if you let up on her at all. So I'm pounding 125 mph serves at her (literally, 125 mph) and she asking me if that's all I've got.

I was REALLY sore this morning. Darron told me about this place down the road that teaches sports stretching and massage. It's really cheap since it's a school. I scheduled an appointment and limped in. After I told the manager how sore I was, she called in the "heavy hitter" to work on me. In walked Bertha...

Evidently Bertha's last occupation was "East German weight lifter", and who from the look of things, had her twin brothers in headlocks under her arms. She walked in, cracked her knuckles, and said "All aboard... the pain train's leaving the station."

Okay, I made that up but I'm not making up the fact that she was a very a "sturdy" gal and it felt like I was put through a sausage grinder. Hurt so good! I feel great now.

Butt Ups

We were goofing off at Darron and Tracy's house and I told Abby to do some pushups. All the kids know how to do them and think it's great fun, so I haven't been able to use them as a punishment yet... YET.

So Abby drops down and does a couple of pushups. I turned back to my laptop to continue writing. A couple seconds later, Abby says "Hey Dad, look at me..."

I look over at her and nothing but her rear end is going up and down and she proudly proclaims "butt ups Dad!"

Brave Boy

We were making the rounds at Universal riding some kid rides and meeting characters. Landis still wasn't sure if he was having fun or terrified out of his mind.

He is sitting in Michelle's lap and she says to him, "Landis is a very very brave little boy."

Without skipping a beat he proclaims, "Landis is a very very scared little boy..."

Go Play in the Corner

Sometimes our parenting backfires on us. Being the impulsive, hyper-energetic little Guat-Tot that he is, Landis finds himself with his nose stuck in the corner several times a day for various offenses like being too rough with the girls, pouting, or doing something he knows he's not supposed to do.

We were in the Ginger Bread House on the last day at Give Kids the World eating lunch. When Landis got done, he asked to be excused to go play.

"Can I get down Mommy? I'm all done..." he asked.

"Yes" Mom answered.

"Can I go play Mommy?" he inquired with a big smile on his face.

"Yes. Go over there in the corner until we are done..." Mom instructed. We were instantly puzzled as Landis got a truly dejected and hurt look on his face but before we could ask him, like a puppy with his tail stuck between his legs, he marched over and stuck his nose in the corner.

We didn't know whether to laugh or cry as we tried to explain to him we meant "go PLAY over in that area by the corner."

Ice Cream Record Broken

On the last day at Give Kids the World, we walked into the ice cream shop. When Michelle ordered her usual Butter Pecan, pandemonium broke loose. Bells rang, lights flashed, confetti fell and a parade of people streamed through the door.

The previous record for most visits to the ice cream shack was held by Gerald Cellulitis, a 621 pound Swede, whose record had gone unthreatened for nearly 20 years.

Michelle shattered the marks for most visits in a week, most visits in a day and most days started AND ended with ice cream during one child's wish week.

Apparently, it wasn't Michelle's fault though. She says she was just tagging along with Abby who used the magic wish formula, "I WISH for lots of ice cream" on the first day. After that, it was just a matter of time before Mr. Cellulitis' record was sure to fall.

Bunny Tricks

Sami asked Michelle, "Momma, what does 'Ladies and Gentleman' mean?"

Landis chimed in with the answer: "It means sit down while the big bunny does the magic trick."

Don't ask. We have no idea either.

(For new readers, Sami is our 10 yr old from Ethiopia. She's only been here a year and didn't know a word of English when she got here. While her English is now incredible, she is still learning new phrases and words.)

Day Eight Pics

We didn't do a whole lot of pics today, so here's a few from today and some others you haven't seen from the past week.

The kids had a lot of fun rescuing each
other from the mouth of the beast.

Christian and Garrett enjoyed the animals too.

Drama Queen was doing her best fake "scared"
because Sami was going to take her into the
haunted forest dungeon.

Abby see herself in the magic mirror.

Landis is dwarfed by the Pillow Factory.

We saw a lifetime of smiles this week.

It's such a blessing to see Abby feeling good
and full of energy. It's hard to tell she's still
doing chemo every day.

The Grinch sizes up a possible snack.

Doesn't a picture like this make you wish you
could feel such unhindered happiness, free from the baggage
of loss, sickness, betrayal or failure?
This is a visual of what awaits us in heaven:
pure unencumbered joy.

Supah- stah...

Mom preps Landis for his fear-filled
encounter with the giant doggie.

We turned our back, and Landis had climbed onto the
monkey tower and was hanging out with the primates.
Evidently he mistook the large fat gorilla for his father.
Not sure how he could have confused the two.

Sami has been a delight and the very best
big sister to Abby we could ever hope for.

Sami with the bird ladies.

Michelle, Sami and Garrett hanging upside down
about 60 ft in the air.

Abby on the Spiderman ride unaware
thatshe would be scared out of her wits
about 30 seconds later.

Dad is getting the evil eye from the prizes as
he dings the bell nine times in a row.

SpideyLandis schools Captain American on
proper super hero poses.


Rachel said...

Thank you so for sharing your family with all of us. I look forward to your posts everyday. You are a bright spot in my life. Take care, *wish* you all the best!

Mom to 9 Blessings! said...

I'm so glad you are all having such a good time Brent and Michelle!

I have been laughing out loud each day with your posts. Thanks for the giggles I need them!

Big hugs and lots of love! Enjoy your final days away!

Alleen said...

Looks like you've had an awesome trip!!

I am excited because I think we will get to meet you all on Monday. We will be there for the meet-up!

Shari U said...

I've got to say, even after Abby cut her own hair, it looks absolutely adorable. It's wonderful to see that hair growing in. I'm glad to see you're having such a great time.

Becky and Joe said...

Hi Brent and family,
I have so enjoyed seeing your family have such a great time in Florida. I have been checking in on your blog for some months now, but have never commented til now. I agree with your parenting advice 100%. My children are far from perfect, but we often get comments from strangers when we are out in public about how well behaved they are. It's not just about the public behavior, but their character. I will not raise spoiled brats. I am trying to raise them to be SELf disciplined, considerate adults some day. I would have sent dessert to your family at that restaurant :).

Marie said...

Oh darn Brent I wish you would publish the mean comments so we can all argue with them!! I'm a big believer in firm discipline although I have never found the need to spank and have managed to get good behavior without it. Your kids seem happy and well adjusted from what we see of them here.

BobbieBailey said...

Unbelievable, how can people be so mean and critical? Well, I guess they don't know and love Jesus, that's how! What a difference knowing and and loving the Savior makes in people's hearts and lives!

Cannot wait to read your blog day after day! It gives me a "warm fuzzy feeling." :) Love the kids and the parents letting their hair down and enjoying to the fullest God's blessings!

Others are being blessed to see you blessed!!! Isn't that terrific!

Give our little "princess" hugs and that goes for "princess Hannah" too!

Sounds like daddy really enjoyed the tennis! So glad. That too was a gift...soreness and all! :)