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Oct 26, 2009

Day Eleven - Abby's Ultimate Wish

From Brent
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Day Eleven (I... we went to Magic Kingdom for a hot day of fun. Then after lunch we hustled over to Downtown Disney to meet several families with Guat-Tots (Guatemalan adoptions).

Our pals Candy and Shawn were there with their young'uns, Kya Blu and Jagger Jet (both of whom our kids just adore). We always enjoy seeing them, never a dull moment. Abby has decided her newest best boyfriend is Jagger. He should run NOW while he has the chance. Abby is a "love 'em and leave 'em" type of four year old.

There are a bunch of pics down below showing the kids and families and I won't even attempt to correctly name or label everyone. I probably didn't even get a picture up of every person that attended. It was hard to tell who was who with all the other people in the park too.

We had a GREAT time with all the families meeting some new folks who will know doubt become life long friends now. Here are some pics, and then we'll tell you about Abby's Ultimate "Make A Wish" Wish.

Day Eleven Pics

Abby gets a hug from Lilo.

Abby the Pirate at the hospital, very sick
but still having fun.

Abby doing her pirate yesterday after
Pirates of the Caribbean.

Here was Abby doing her pirate about a year ago. It was FUNNY then... it's a joy to see her doing it now with a laugh (instead of us getting a laugh out of her morphine induced drunkenness):

Momma and the kids ride the magic carpets.

Landis is about to get surprised by Stitch,
which won't do much for his oscillating
fear of giant colorful rodents.

Landis is rescued by Lilo as Sami
and Abby pose with Stitch.

One of the shows at the Disney castle.

Abby hugs new best boyfriend Jagger Jett
whether he likes is or not. Looks like he's
enjoying this one from the "older woman".

Kya Blu and Abby playing at Lego Land.

A group of the Guat-Tots.

The entire army of Guat-Tots hijacked
this train. The whole thing is filled with
the kids from our group.

The kids had a great time.

After they released the train conductor
unharmed, the kids swarmed the carousel for
a double ride that Shawn and Candy blessed them with.

Jagger Jett with his grandmother on the carousel.

It was so much fun for the adults
getting to watch the kids have so much fun.

More carousel...

And still more carousel...

Landis thinking "I wonder if Jasmine
would be jealous of her little monkey now sitting
by this beautiful Guatemalan Princess...."

Kya Blu flashing her trademark smile...

We met some wonderful families... this is
Amy and Joe's daughter, one of two Guat-Tots for them.

Some of the mom's flashing me a smile as I
rode around the carousel getting pics.

Kya Blu gets my attention again with that smile....

This was how the kids looked all day.
It's so fun to watch them enjoy life and laugh.

Sami and Kya, probably the two LEAST
camera shy kids in the group.

Makes me sad to see all these precious kids and
know that thousands more wait in Guatemala but
they've closed the adoption doors there.

It was like herding cats trying to get
all of them together for one shot.

This is not ALL of them but we got close.

The mom's pose for a shot.

The rugged, handsome, almost scary good lookin'
Dads... (okay, I got the SCARY part right).

Abby got to meet Kya Blu's Grandmother who has
followed Abby's story closely on our blog.

Candy and Sami with their dazzling beauty and smiles.

On the way out of the park... Abby gets a head start on
bed time with her own personal walking pillow.

Abby's Ultimate "Make A Wish" Wish

Before Abby got sick we were already planning another adoption. Sami had come home from Ethiopia and the gears were in motion for another Ethiopian effort. Then our friend "Leukemia" came to visit and everything that was "life" before that became a distant memory.

The entire time Abby has been sick, even REALLY (deathly) sick, she has been relentless in her wishes for another baby brother or sister. We had always encouraged it because we knew we wanted to adopt again. But with her sick, we couldn't be sure we would be able to do it again. At times Abby's condition was horrendous and we knew it could go on for years (not to mention the strain the expenses put on us, especially after my income got cut in half).

We began talking to Abby, and the other kids, about another possible adoption a couple of months ago. Abby has been giddy at the prospect. It is her Ultimate "Make A Wish" to say "I WISH for a new baby brother or sister". If she could make her "wish" a reality right NOW on this trip (and have another baby go home with us), there's no doubt she would (and we'd probably let her!).

We've been talking about it for the couple of months leading up this trip, and we've decided that we are going to go ahead and grant Abby's wish. We are going to begin the process of another Ethiopian adoption, a baby boy or girl.

That's her ultimate WISH and being able to tell her during this trip that we are going to do it has been the perfect grand finale to her magical, dream come true, Make A Wish trip.

Ahhhhhh.... but there's more. We have some wonderful and exciting news to share with you about this adoption. More on that in the next couple of Make A Wish updates.


Heather said...

Brent- I really hate the suspense that you leave. I guess that is a good way to get up to keep reading.

First thing, Abby's drunkeness pirate is pretty funny and sad at the same time. It is funny for what it is and made me laugh out loud but sad that she is in the hospital on morphine and THAT made my eyes well up with tears.

Secondly, the Guat-Tots are so sweet and have the prettiest complexions ever. Miss Sami is so BEAUTIFUL. I love her braids.

Lastly-I am so excited that you are able to grant Abby's real true wish. That is awesome news and I am happy for your whole family.

whenpigsfly said...

Oh your photos are so wonderful!!
How super to have that Guat -Tot reunion...we call ours the "Asian Persuasion" and they too are a blast. I KNEW that adoption announcement was coming, coz Michelle told me, but didn't know when to expect it.
A baby could not be much more blessed than to be Abby's baby brother or sister, for sure!
That said, your lst paragraph was cruel...I say laughingingly. NEED MORE INFORMATION!!!!!
And we are prayingthat the rest of your week is as amamzing as it cna possibly be!

James 1:27 Family said...

YAHOOO! Hooray for a growing Riggs Family! We are leaving in a couple weeks to meet a baby girl in Uganda. We might be bringing home babies at the same time. Adoption rocks!

Love and Blessings!

Angie said...

Yay!!!! So happy to hear about a new baby coming to the family! Great pics of an awesome day, too! Please be in prayer for Stellan as he is not doing well at all!

Amy said...'s just like you to leave us hanging!!!! Just wanted to tell you that we had so much fun meeting you and your family!!! Sorry we didn't get to catch up with you again last night, but we had a blast and hope you did, too!

Keep in touch!!!

We are facebook friends, you know!!!

Amy Moleski (wife to the stud Joe and mom to 3 awesome kids...Benjamin, Hannah and Tessie Bug)

Anonymous said...

I'm going to take a guess... You guys are PREGNANT!!!!

The Gobble's (Lanetta) said...

incrediable, awesome... wonderful!!!
Made me CRY!!!
so thrilled!!! :)

Anonymous said...

I have been following your blog for quite some time and hesitated to send a message this time because since I am not a blogger it will come up "Anonymous"! So glad that Abby is feeling better and got her "Wish" down in Disney World" but especially since she is getting her wish for a new brother or sister!! Our daughter/son-in-law just announced they are starting on their second foreign adoption. We are over the moon happy! I guess you know how to keep us coming back for more info by dangling us off the cliff with more news about the adoption!!! So happy for all of you and especially the little one who will be joining your family!
In Christian Love,
Grandma to 4 (soon to be 5)

libby @ ninesandquines said...

congratulations!!!!! that is wonderful! a few years ago my husband and i were looking into adoption from guatamala and were SO saddened to hear of the circumstances there that shut down foreign adoptions....when i was looking at the pictures of the guat-tots, i thought the same thing and then saw your comment....

enjoy the rest of your time and congrats again on the process of the newest family member!!!!!

Tee said...

What wonderful news! I'm sure Abby and all of her brothers and sisters are excited! Looking forward to hearing the rest of the story.

Elaine said...

Once again and as always,, Great Pics of the vacation to Disney. I'm jealous of the fun you all are having. Can't wait to hear the exciting news about the new adoption.

Nancy said...

OMG!!! What an awesome wish from sweet, sweet Abby. And so glad you can grant it to her.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful wish :)
Oh but that's such a tease lol . I want to know more!
Congratulations Riggs family.

Erin said...

You are awful leaving us hanging like that, but we are ridiculously happy to hear Abby's wish is FINALLY going to happen. Congratulations!

Erin, Christian and Ashi

Sabrina said...

How wonderful! You are such a blessing to all of your children, and I wish you the best on your newest adoption!

Elaine said...

Geez Brent, could you post twice in one day and let us in on the adoption surprise? The suspense is killing me..
So glad to see Abby and everyone having the time of their lives.
Elaine in MT

Kara Nicholson said...

soooooo exciting, so happy for all of you!!!

Tamara said...

oh my goodness that is so so exciting! and the suspense of the rest of the story is nearly killing me! :) ok, not really, but i am anxious to hear more about this adoption journey...we kind of have a soft spot in our hearts for adoption stuff... :)
blessings to your family,
tamara fladung

Anonymous said...

I have been absolutely beyond thrilled following your blog these past few days!! I'm SO pumped to see all the wonderful things your family is experiencing!! I have only one comment to make though, it made me kind of sad to see the picture caption mentioning the adopted guatamalan I find it AMAZING that people can provide such wonderful things to these children, but what about the ones here at home in the United States who don't know what it's like to have a family? I'm curious to know why everyone wants to adopt out of the country? Why not help the children already here??? Just curious! By all means I don't intend it to sound insulting or mean!

Lafayette, LA

Anonymous said...

Another child will be blessed with you and Michelle as parents and fantastic siblings too!!!

Enjoy the great weather you're having--we're drowning in rain here in the northeast.

Everyone is looking fantastic--especially all those little ones.


Aggie said...

So VERY excited that you will be adopting again! Can't wait to hear more!!!!

Alleen said...

It was so nice to meet you and your beautiful family on Sunday!!

Exciting news about adding to your family. I know Abby must be over-the moon with excitement that her wish is going to come true!

Kimmie said...

I think my favorite part was the walking pillow part. Too sweet. Isn't it wonderful that they trust us enough to fall asleep in our arms. As I rocked my daughter, after our conversation, she fell asleep in my arms...I prayed over her and thanked God that He slowed me down enough to enjoy the moment. Such moments don't come too often, and sometimes we miss them altogether.

Adoption...yeah! Ethiopia!...I'm listening!

bless your hearts as you wait this next part of the adventure that He has for you!

mama to 7
one homemade and 6 adopted

Anonymous said...

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Tracey's Life said...

I have followed your blog for quite a while now, and I remember when you posted the Abby Pirate on morphine. It is sooo striking when you post pictures and videos like that next to pictures of where she is today.

I am thrilled for Abby and your family that you are enjoying this wonderful trip to Florida and all in good health. She truly is a beautiful little girl and I am glad she had a chance to "Wish her Wish" and have it come true.

I look forward to hearing about your newest adoption story.

Mom to 9 Blessings! said...

Precious photos and Kya Blue is truly beautiful - as is your Sami!

Can I get whoo whoo!!!??


I'm so excited for your family and can't wait to hear more about the newest Rigg blessing!

Love and hugs,

Marielle said...

Great news! Congrats to all of you, waiting to adopt.

Missy said...

WHAT!!!!!! I am so excited for you guys. Hurry up and post the news. Tears of joy for you!

Michelle, now we really do have to get together. I want details! :)

Hugs to you all,
Missy, Molly & Mattie

BobbieBailey said...

Wow! Praise the Lord!!! What happy, magical, wonderful news!
If anyone should have kids it is definitely you, Brent and Michelle!

Abby, Hannah, Landis, Christian, Garret(?) and .... I'm so happy for all of you! In fact, absolutely THRILLED!!!

Your family is growing according to God's plan!

Abby dear, that's the best "Make a Wish," wish, ever! Your mommy and daddy must love you very, very, much to want to grant you your sweet wish! :)

What a precious bunch of Guat-Tot children!

What great moms & dads! (And, sblings!)

Your cup must be overflowing continually!

There is a very fortunate little boy or girl out there in Ethopia somewhere that will become the newest member of the Riggs Family!

I say kudos for folks who adopt! You are an extra special breed! :)

Blessings upon blessings...

And, thanks for sharing the wonderful news!

Love in Jesus,

P.S. I'm hooked on reading your Make a Wish blog! You are just way too funny!