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Oct 25, 2009

Day Ten - The Fun Gets Derailed For A Bit

From Brent
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Holy Photoshop Batman! Thank you to a couple of readers who pointed out the need for some airbrushing on one of the photos. It's seems that SpideyLandis was webslinging a little too freely in one of the action shots. At first I couldn't figure out what the comments were about, and I'm still not 100% sure it was what it APPEARED to be... but if it was what it appeared to be (and it certainly appeared that it could have been an appearance of something that didn't need to appear) then the appearance of what it appeared to be did not need to be making an appearance and appearing what it appeared to be apparently appearing. Make sense?

Everything got derailed yesterday because of the car breaking down. Michelle got about 20 miles down the road on "Girls Disney Day" and the Jeep just quit. By the time we got all that rescued and figured out a different car plan, it was too late for them to go. So they came back to Darron and Tracy's house.

We shuffled the week's schedule around, and Girl's Day will be Monday now. Our "Meet and reet" with several families at Disney (originally Monday) got moved to Sunday as of yesterday afternoon (Saturday). We'll all be going to Disney today (Sunday) and enjoying our ekklessia (assembly, fellowship) with 8-9 other families who are getting together. It's seems amazing to me that so many families can get together at the same time in a place that takes so much effort (Disney is a chore when it comes to driving there, parking and getting into the park). We are excited about meeting new friends and fellow bloggers.

Darron taught Sami how to cast a fly rod off his dock in their back yard. Then Landis had a coronary when an alligator swam up to the back yard to look for a tasty Guatemalan for dinner.

Yesterday, after a coveted nap, we jumped in the car and went down to walk on the beach at night. We ate dinner out on the pier in Cocoa Beach. Even at night, the kids loved the beach. They played a game where they would creep up to the water's edge then run and scream when a big waved chased them back up the sand. We warned them not to get wet or head-to-toe-sandy (fully expecting that to be a miserable failure) and they actually stayed pretty dry, even Landis.

It's 4am now, and I love the peaceful quietness of this time of the morning. (Darron just walked into the room where I'm writing. Apparently, the light I turned on at 3:50am also turns on a light that shines right on them in their room! I saw the light through the cracks under their door and figured they must have fallen asleep with it on. Little did I know it was ME who just lit up their whole room when I flipped the switch a few minutes ago. Annoying houseguests!!!)

Day Ten Pics

Little Monkey flashes his trademark dimples
on Cocoa Beach at night.

Abby is still having the time of her life.

Sami gives Dad a hug. She is so loving
and sweet. We are amazed at how quickly and fully
she has bonded with every single family member.

Abby is running from a "monster wave"...

Mom and the little ones on the beach.

Sami got her hair braided yesterday.

Abby wearing her Spiderman bow.
Doesn't she look especially good in black and red
with her beautiful brown Guatemalan skin
and silky black hair? (Abby has hair again!!!)

"Hmmm.... Dad said don't get wet
or get down in the sand. Is it worth a spankin'
to go for it anyway?" There's no doubt
what SpideyLandis is contemplating.

Abby on Darron and Tracy's dock.

Darron taught Sami how to cast a rod.
She thinks it is great fun. Wait until she
actually catches a fish.

Abby eyes the alligator. Do you see it?

The alligator came up right the dock then started to swim away.
Can you spot it?

It's 5am now. I'm off for a couple of hours of sleep before getting up to do about 12 hours at Disney.

Thanks for all your wonderful emails and comments. We feel like we are taking this trip with a thousand families which makes it all the more wonderful. I'm even thankful for the handful of obnoxious haters out there leaving rude anonymous (oh, the bravery) comments... they make us realize how precious and priceless the rest of you are!


Mom to 9 Blessings! said...

Goodness sorry to hear about the car - but I guess God just wants you all there today!

I'll pray over the trip to Disney and your meeting new friends. How I long to meet you all too!

Abby is absolutely gorgeous! Yes and that hair is beautiful! I agree black and red looks really pretty on all of our Guat tots.

I'm amazed at Landis for not getting all wet and dirty - good job!

Sami gets more beautiful every day! She is such a special young lady. Every time I look at her I long to meet our daughter waiting for us in Ethiopia!!! I know you understand!

Have a blessed day and watch out for those gators!


Courtney Kay said...

abby looks so healthy! I wish I could give her a BIG hug!

Meade family adoption said...

I look at Abby and am amazed at God's great work. She looks so wonderful. And, oh yes, your other children are just as beautiful. Praying the rest of your trip is full of fun and there are no other unexpected delimas.

Nancy said...

The pictures of Abby are absolutely priceless. She certainly has a million dollar smile. Continue to have a wonderful time.

Laurel said...

Sorry yesterday didn't work out; but am so glad that "the girls" could schedule another day. While I LOVE all of my boys and girls, there is something sweet about Mama & Daughter days.

Love the pic of Landis. Yep ... that's gotta be what he is thinking.

Glad you get to meet some Bloggy Friends. We sure enjoyed meeting Michelle and the kids last month, and all of the other Bloggy Friends that we met on our trip.

Blessings on the rest of your trip!

mama of 13

Pattie said...

Well Darn it. I wish I would of known of the switch of days beforejust now. Well I still HOPE to run into you guys before you go if not sorry to miss you.
If your planning anymore trips to CB Beach night day morning whatever can you email me at or 321-392-2515 if you don't mind us coming out to visit you all.

Everyone looks great and enjoying their trip to FL. Abby looks so happy and glowing. oh yes she looks GREAT in red and black :0)

How is your wrist doing? are you going to make your tennis matches?

4 vs 1 said...

What beautiful photos! I am SO glad that Abbey is looking so good! You continue to be in my prayers!

I gave you a blog award today! Go grab it!!

Linda @ My Trendy Tykes said...

Ok, the first comment had me cracking up! lol

Sorry to hear about the car breaking down.

Have a nice time @ Disney!

Leslie said...

The guate mom gang sound like they had soo much fun with you today at downtown disney!!!

love it!

Anonymous said...

Hi Riggs Family,

Everyone is looking so healthy and happy. The beach is such a great place to relax day and night. You all do keep an intense schedule! Enjoy, enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Hi Riggs Family,

Everyone is looking so healthy and happy. The beach is such a great place to relax day and night. You all do keep an intense schedule! Enjoy, enjoy!


Kim & Dave said...

Abby is simply gorgeous with her hair back! (She was gorgeous w/ out it, too, though!)

COntinuing to pray for your family!!!

Nancy and Isaac McGee said...

Abby looks absolutly beautiful. so glad your family gets to enjoy this time together

whenpigsfly said...

Well ididn't "See" what other s thought they "saw" so I have no clue what you needed to airbrush even though I saw all your photos. hmmmmmmmmmm, not so observant , or somebody is nit-picky?
The kdis and I have loved reading your updates every day and we continue to rejoice that Abby is having her dream time at Disney with all of you!!! She IS beautiful in black.her skin tones are so similar to our Rachel's even thoug Rachel is Khmer and we lover her in black too!
We will be praying for all of you tomorrow for an awesome day.
YAY Landis for self-control above and beyond the expectations put upon most 3 year olds!!
Hannah is so beautiful , I agree. LOVED the photo of Michelle with the 3 younger kiddos. GREAT PHOTO!!!
Big across-cyber-space - HUGS
Linda and crew

fmattso said...

Hey Brent since you have more beach trips planned stop and get some baby powder. It takes the sand off and you may end up taking a little less home. Just shake it onto little legs and arms and brush the sand off. Glad you are having fun! The pictures are great!

Susan (5 Minutes For Mom) said...

What beautiful photos!!!

And I'm soooo scared of alligators that would freak me out. Yes, I see him in the picture.

Rhonda said...

What gorgeous pictures. The kids are sooo incredibly adorable and I'm with Landis, see an alligator, OUT of there! So glad to see you all are having such a wonderful time. So sorry to hear about the jeep. Blessings, Rhonda

Anonymous said...

A few comments...

Abby is beautiful no matter what color she wears! However, she has my skin coloring, therefore, I believe she looks best in RED!!! (And, red also happens to be my all-time favorite color!) :)

And, hey Brent, after seeing a picture of your "Maria" taken with the three children, you are one great big BLESSED (fortunate) guy to have a beauty like her for a wife! :) (Michelle, you can thank me later! But, I am dead serious!) :)

Gosh, the whole family is beautiful!!!

Oh yeah, I saw the gator! But, unlike the rest of you, I'd be scared silly to accidentally fall in the water only to discover one waiting for me to fall in and have for supper!

What GREAT, GREAT, pictures!

I feel like I'm on vacation! Thanks, Brent, I have needed one!