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Oct 29, 2009

Guest Post - Abby's Ultimate Make A Wish Wish

Hi friends. My name is Amy Block. My blog is here so you can verify what I'm saying in this email.

The Riggs are getting one last morning on the beach before flying home and I asked them if I could share the exciting news about their upcoming adoption. They are careful about what they put on their blog, and what they ask of others, so I really appreciated the opportunity to talk to you on their last day of the Make A Wish Trip. As you are reading this, they are probably on the way to the airport. Here's the story:

A while back our family embarked on a new journey to adopt a child from Ethiopia. After feeling God call us there over the past year we decided to step out in faith and ‘begin’. Beginning to us meant saying yes to God, making the plans, and starting to save. Because we are a large family with seven children- our being able to save meant simply throwing loose change into a gigantic pickle jar. Yet within one week of starting that pickle jar savings- our pickle jar overfloweth when we were given $20,000 from a single donor.

Naturally we were blown away and could not believe how quickly God had made our adoption possible. And yet at the same time, we also know that when God blesses us it is so that we can bless others. We just didn’t feel that we were supposed to take the money and go along on our adoption journey. We believe that God wanted His blessing to keep going. So, we prayed and decided we wanted to be able to do the same thing for another family that was done for us. We decided that we would do everything we could to stand by another family side and raise the money they need for an adoption.

We wanted to choose a family who had a heart for orphans- a good strong Christian family who we knew were willing to sacrifice themselves for others- and a family who we knew would want to one day do the same thing for another. A family who deserved to be blessed. It was in this vision that the Pass It Forward Adoption idea was envisioned. Being around adoptions for several years now we know what a huge need there is both financially and spiritually for other adoptive families. Our prayer is that this can continue on to help those other families. Yet for now we had to choose just ONE family and that family is the Riggs family. For those of you who truly know them- you are shaking your head agreeing they were the perfect choice. There are so many reasons why but for now I want to just share a few…

Several years back Michelle and I became friends as we were both adopting from Guatemala through the same agency. I remember being blown away by Michelles constant offering of prayer. She truly seemed to care and truly seemed to want to help, even as she herself was adopting… but it didn’t stop there. Our family worked, struggled, and fundraised to bring our daughter Mya home from Guatemala. Michelle and Brent were doing the same thing at the same time for their son Landis and yet in the mail they sent OUR FAMILY a check for $450 to help with our adoption cost. Right there is an example of the kind of people they are. Always putting someone else’s needs before their own.

Secondly, is Abby. A lot of you know Abby because of her battle with Leukemia. I know Abby because of her heart. Even at her young age Abby understands that she was adopted and she understands what a family is. She is remarkable. Abby doesn’t sit around worrying about her cancer or the pain it brings her. She knows she is sick and she knows there is pain involved but what bothers Abby most is knowing there are kids out there just like her, who are hurting and sometimes sick- and don’t have a family like she does to hold them when they cry, to tell them that everything is going to be okay. Abby knows that adoption gave her the family she has today. Because of this it is Abbys greatest wish to adopt a baby brother or sister from Ethiopia. Yet in true Abby fashion- she doesn’t just wish for a baby- she wishes for a bald baby brother or sister so that they will be just like her!

The reason I asked the Riggs if I could guest post on their blog today is to ask for your help. I know so many of you have been following Abby’s story and I know that like me, so many of you wished there was something more you could do. Something to make a difference. Here is your chance. The Riggs don’t have the funds to pay for the adoption itself but they do have a home, a lot of love and the willingness to bring another child into their home and invest their lives into another orphan. The $20,000-$30,000 to adopt a child is often a roadblock for families who otherwise are more than willing to care for a child.

With Abby’s medical bills this last year, and Brent having to deal with a 50% pay cut, I know the Riggs do not have the funds available for the upfront costs of the adoption. After knowing them for years and watching how they live and give to others, I DO KNOW that they have the financial discipline, commitment and work ethic necessary for the daily and long term care for another orphan. I tell you that because sometimes people say “well if they don’t have the money to pay for the adoption, then how can they afford another child?” There’s a HUGE difference between coming up with $30,000 in one lump sum, versus caring for a child day by day, dollar by dollar. We've had long talks with Brent and Michelle, and we know the live a very modest lifestyle in order to have the ability to care for these adopted treasures.

There is not another family more willing, able or deserving to minister to and raise another orphan in need of a home than the Riggs. We are committed to raising the money for that adoption for them, and I asked them to let me come on their blog and see if you would help. They’ll give the next 50 years of love, care and sacrifice. Would you join us and share in this eternal treasure with us? Given the size of their reading audience, we could raise the cost of this adoption in one day pretty easily. What a WONDERFUL investment in something that is truly life changing.

I know things are tight right now in this economy and we wanted to show that we are committed and willing to lead the way. For the entire month of September our family ate beans and rice to save money for Riggs adoption as well as raised money other ways. Would you join our family today to help bring another orphan home to the wonderful Riggs family? Would you help us make Abby’s wish come true for a baby brother or sister?

Many thanks to the RIGGS for allowing me to post on their blog today. As you know, they don’t get on their blog and ask for money. They are always helping others, and I was grateful when they finally agreed to let me post. They want this for Abby and for that reason were willing to let me talk to you today.

I hope you'll join us as we raise the funds for Riggs adoption... then, they will choose a new family to "pass it on" to, and the Riggs will raise the money for the next family. Maybe that will be you!

You can email me if you have questions (blockamy@hotmail DOT com) otherwise, here is the donate button. Every single penny goes straight to the adoption expenses...


Misty Rice said...

What special loving people you all are. Ill be praying that God continues to open those magical doors for your family and possible new family member.

God Bless.

Mom to 9 Blessings! said...


I couldn't wait for the official announcement to be made!

Standing with them and you in praying for a storm of provision to bring home another Riggs!!!!!

I'm happy to help too!

Hugs and much love - Jill

Courtney Kay said...

I sent a little something... For Abby and for her bald baby brother! (I am a college student this is an hour of babysitting) I hope someday to have a family like yours... with many beautiful babies! and friends to help me out too

Recovering Noah said...

Oh my word, I'm so blessed to know you. Amy, your family is absolutely amazing, and Michelle, I can't think of a better mom than you!

So happy for BOTH families!


The Gobble's (Lanetta) said...

Amy, Brent, and Michelle,

This made me bawl....

SO THRILLED TO READ this.... Amy, I am so thrilled with your choice and know that God is going to so provide!!! God is SO good!!! This has truly made my day!!! INCREDIABLE!!!! We are so thrilled... and happy to be apart!!

Love and prayers always,
Lanetta Gobble

Shari said...

Brent has helped me so much! I will participate in giving.

Holly said...

I left my idea on Amy's blog.
I am completely supportive!
Can't wait to watch how the Lord provides that bald baby brother for sweet Abby to kiss.
To God be the glory great things He has done and IS DOING!!

Laurel said...

Yea! I can't wait to find out what precious child the Lord has planned to be Abby's next little brother or sister.

I have personally met both Amy and Michelle (and a bunch of their kids) ... and they are BOTH two of the most loving, giving, special people around.

I will be speaking with my husband tomorrow, about what we can add to the Pass It On Adoption Fund ... for the next little Riggs child. I hope all of you readers will come along side them, too. Any child brought into their family will be BLESSED!

mama of 13

Linda said...

I have been so blessed by reading the posts on your blog. I think it is wonderful that you guys are wanting to bring another child home. Right now, my husband has been out of work since January and we can't give financially. However, we will be praying!

We wish you all the richest blessings. I also firmly believe that in God's timing, you will have the funds necessary to bring another beautiful little one home.

Shari said...

I had to come back and read this again! I am just so excited for them! Thank you for writing Amy! I am praying the Lord provides quickly so Abby can have her bald baby brother/sister! There's not a better family I can think of that would take care of and nurture another child.

Dawnb93 said...

I'd love to help financially, but we're saving now for our third adoption. Our daughter is from Guatemala, our son is from Russia and our next daughter will be from.....??? Don't know yet!

So, even though I can't help with $$$, I'll be praying for y'all.