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Dec 29, 2009

Abby's Number Five Birthday

From Brent

Michelle came home from the hospital while her mom stays with Garrett tonight. She'll go back in the morning.

The Meeks brought the babies home about dinner time and we got to have a birthday party for Abby. The Meeks, over at their house today, also made her a cake and had a birthday party. So despite the accident yesterday, and despite Abby's continuing roller coaster with cancer, we enjoyed an evening of smiles and cake.

The Meeks made Abby a birthday cake...

and got her some presents.

The Meeks

Abby with her own Cinderella cake...

Landis conserving tissues...
that is what your sleeve is for, right?

My Mom and Dad have a friend from church where they live
who keeps up with Abby on the blog and wanted to buy
her something. That "something" was all the "somethings" in this photo.
She loves her music playing "cell phone" and her Jasmine toys.

Abby was genuinely happy opening her presents.

She got a princess dress and a doll.

I know... I'm so cute... go ahead, say it...

Abby started to wind down. She'll be on a new drug
to attempt to control her spinal pressure that makes her
even more tired than she already is.

An update and some Christmas pics tomorrow. Many have asked about my newest book - The Digital Photography Guide. I assumed everyone saw it in the latest issue of SeriousLife Magazine ( but if not, here it is:

I know... I'm so cute... go ahead, say it...


Krissy said...

Out of curiosity, what kind of lens did you use to shoot these photos?

Shari said...

I am so glad she got to celebrate with her family and close friends. She is such a beautiful baby! Landis and Sami, too! I continue to pray for everything for you. Take care!

Cathy said...

Bless her precious little sweet heart. She is so beautiful. I am praying for her. Happy Birthday, Abby, sweet girl!

Sweet Joni said...

so precious You are! :)

Oh Meeks - what an AWESOME blessing to give Abby on her 5th Birthday ^5! Thank You!!! :)

Brent - your photography & all your info is 'out of this world' indeed! As always, thanks much for sharing Abby's 5th with us in blogland!!! :)

Landis is such a peep. He's handsomely beautiful! :)

Michelle - so VERY Grateful you are home tonight with Abby on her birthday!!! *HUGS*

Will Abby be able to go see her big brother (& best friend) Garrett soon??? I so hope!

I cannot even imagine the pain Garrett is feeling...! I'm also low tolerance to pain. The best advice I can give is make a sign LG enough to SEE from bed that reads...

or something like that ;)
I'm certain that Hannah (Abby & Landis too) would LOVE to color some kind of sign for Garrett!

And PLEASE do give Garrett my blessings of Healing. Continued prayers, meditation & thoughts keep flowing south to you ALL!

and Brent, I agree regarding your job... it'll be tough on you to leave home but what MUST be done MUST be done! The company NEEDS a person like you! Family & Neighbors will be OK in HIS hands of God & all HIS angels!!! (One thing I'd love about living in a smaller Christian community)

*Big Hugs* & Angel Kisses to you all,
Take Care,

Laurie said...

Happy Birthday pretty girl! I must say you win the award for the fastest growing hair on the planet! :)

Marie said...

My Goodness, I didn't read your blog for a few days and look at all that happened while I was gone! So sorry to hear about the accident, but what a blessing nobody was killed. Glad to see Abby doing well also.

Marina said...

I sooo wish we stayed close to you. My Bunny girl and Abby seem so alike and all spunk and zeal!!! Bunnygirl also recvd the same Disney doll but we got her Belle :) Yay!!!Happy Birthday Abby....we love ya!!!

Mom to 9 Blessings! said...

Now those are some adorable photos of your precious children! And yes they are SO cute!

Praising God for the love your family has been shown by friends and people in the body! I thank god for them!

Sending love and prayers remain!

The Engelhardt 4 said...

Happy Birthday, Abby!! We are continuing to pray for healing!!!

Anonymous said...

Blessed are the Meeks for they shall inherit the earth.
It is nice to have such good friends at these times.


Ann Brown said...

Happy Happy Birthday Abby!!!!!!

Here's to a healthier, more peaceful year!!!!

Praying as always!

Ann (Elke's mom)

Lianna Knight said...

I think Abby is just a princess herself :)

So glad to hear that Garrett is doing better...what a blessing!

Happy New Year!

Courtney Kay said...

lol clever!