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Dec 30, 2009

Living Faith and Dead Faith

From Brent

In response to our situation and some of our posts, I've received many questions and comments about "faith".

As God's timing would have it, I'm in the middle of a series about the fundamental principles of the Christian life (a walk through the Book of James).

I just finished a message today on the difference between living faith and dead faith. If you are interested, you'll find it here:

You'll find the entire series here (it will end up being about 20 parts eventually).



sierrasmom said...

Wow.. the last post I read was the dance contest with Landis ...and then I check today and find all this!!! I am sooo glad that Garrett and everyone will be OK. God was really watching out for them. I am so sorry that things are so difficult for your family and I wish I could help out!! I will pray for continuing recovery and peace for your family!!!
Kathie in NY

Bobbie Bailey said...

Another wonderful, godly, family...the Meeks! God bless the Meeks for bkessing Abby on her birthday and meeting a real need for her family! (And, what a beautiful family!)

I wish I had known Abby's birthday was approaching. Well, she'll just have to get a belated birthday gift!

Hannah (Sami) has to be the sweetest sister ever! You were incredibly blessed to have adopted her!

Landis "solo" photo is just too cute! But, I bet he is told that all the time?! :)

Little Abby is worthy of being celebrated! I celebrate her life!

Bobbie B.

Laurel said...

My favorite definition of faith is:

FAITH: Fantastic Adventure In Trusting Him

:) :) :)