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Dec 30, 2009

Update 9pm Wednesday

Abby was admitted tonight with high spinal pressure again. Almost humorously, her hospital is connected to Garrett's by a sky walk.

Maria just sneaked her over here to Garretts room and we are getting to steal a few minutes all together. It pains me to use this horrible iPhone camera but here is a pic of Abby and Garrett both with IVs hanging off them, and Maria standing behind his bed:

Garrett is momentarily crashed because he just got zinged with morphine. Here is the contraption he will be stick with for eight weeks:

I'm sure it will be as much fun as it looks, and less fun than trying to type blog post on this blasted iPhone.

Isn't God good allowing us a way to get to be together tonight?

- Posted from my iPhone... Brent


Erica said...

Praying for your whole family tonight.

Michelle said...

seriously, you need to ask about a shunt.

your daughter probably won't get better without one.

i can't stand hearing about all these spinal taps because of her pressure because i have that too and i KNOW she can get relief with a shunt.

PLEASE... for her sake... ask your doctor.

- michelle

NC Sue said...

God bless you all!

My family just went through a critical illness of a loved one, and it was rough. To have several loved ones seriously ill... I can't imagine.

May God grant you strength, and may 2010 be a FAR better year for you all!

Kelli said...

Oh bless him, God. There are no words to describe the pain he is in, I'm sure. Is there anything I can do to life his spirits? Please let us know. Hope Abby got her Eeyore pillow office said it would probably arrive late due to weather conditions. God bless and I'm thinking of you all.

Debbie said...

God is good through all things even when it seems hopeless to the world...we, as Christians, know it is not hopeless.
Praying for your family a little S.E. of you. We could use your prayers as well.

Mom to 9 Blessings! said...

That picture says a thousand words!

Powerful moment!

Praying over you all before I go to bed!

God bless your family!


Leslie said...

That's why we love the Riggs family...always looking at things from a positive angle. God is smiling BIG TIME on you guys. Still praying for a quick and complete recovery for Garrett and Abby.

Leslie Hutsler
Bella Vista, AR

Shelly said...

Yes, God is so good allowing you a way to be together...He's also good allowing you an iPhone so you have a way to update your blog! :-)

I am so encouraged by how you are continuing to find good in the bad. You have a tremendous testimony.

writing4612 said...

I forgot to say that I've dealt with back braces and hip immobilizers. Oh, the memories. :)

Anonymous said...

Michelle and Brent..I plea the blood of Jesus over Garrett and Abby and both of their doctors to give them the best care the name of Jesus i ask that he put his hands on your family and heal the ones sick and to give you and brent the strength to be strong doing this diffcult time.Amen.. God Bless your family and i pray for a quick healing and recovery for your family.
We Love You!!

Kate said...

Praying for a hedge of protection around your family. Good for you for always seeing the positive- a favorite saying of mine..."When we are down to nothing, God is up to something"


Kat said...

I love how God works through really tough situations. Your family is such a testimony to that. Praise God that everyone came out of that sandwiched car and will heal. Praise Him that Abby gets to see her big bro tonight. We are so thankful for the testimony you give with your lives. We will constantly be praying!

Sweet Joni said...

Hmm, too bad Garrett & Abby can't be in same room together :)
Ya know, Michelle, you've got to be one strong spirited lady to be able to keep up with all the happenings of your children's hospital visits, home schooling, housework, holidays, birthdays, etc... all at one time... Wow! Such an inspiriation to follow & continue putting one foot in front of the other!!! *HUGS*

Brent, that iphone may be a pain put at least you have one & it delivered the messages :D hehehe

I'm leaving today (Thursday) for a week or so & will MISS reading the updates but PLEASE know you are all thought about & prayed for continuously... take care & safe travels in your job & your hospital travels! I so wish I could be there in OK to help out!!!

Love to all,
~Joni Lee

as written by Barbara said...

Brent & Michelle...
"Have IV pole will travel"... aka "these wheels were made for rollin' "... Love the sneakin' hospital ways of a true family. The pictures are great. Still praying for freedom from pain and God's loving patience for you all.
Peace for a restful sleep,
Barbara Lyman :-)
Marysville WA

Anonymous said...

Riggs Family:
Leveta here and sending happy belated birthday wishes to sweet brave Abby and praying for her too as she faces so many struggles and praising and thanking the Lord that your loved ones in the car accident were covered with HIS protection.Praying for all of them as they recover.

Sandi Lerman said...

Okay, here's an idea... How about on New Year's Eve 2011, you can post this picture again for "auld lang syne"... right next to a NEW picture or video of Abby and Garrett DANCING the night away together! :) Ugh... can't imagine what you are all going through right now. Sending prayers for comfort, peace, healing rest and relief from pain for both of them.

Debi said...

First of all, a late but Happy 5th Birthday to Amazing Abby!! I pray for you that God blesses you and give you a fantastic year of dreams come true. You are so special and loved by God, your family and friends.
Second, I am thankful for iPhones to keep in touch and update your blog.
Glad that Abby was able to see Garrett. How good God is to let you be together. Praying for an amazing recovery for Garrett and beautiful Abby.
Praying also for answers on dealing with Abby's pressure, wheather it is medication, a shunt or something else. In praying for her last night, it felt like the shunt was God's answer so I have been praying for a confirmation. I am not a medical person and don't have firsthand experience with shunts but God does speak to my heart and mind.
Praying a covering of God's amazing grace and protection and hope over your family.
Love and hugs and prayers,

Ann Brown said...


ALL of my photos are taken on my iPhone. Classy, huh? Someday I will actually take some good photos....

Praying for strength, stamina and health for you and Michelle as you wade through the tribulations that have been sent your way. Also praying for Abby, Garrett, and each one of your children. Wish I could do something in person, but last I checked, New Jersey was a ways away from you all....

My husband saw the picture of the truck and said that the last time he saw one that looked like that (in high school I believe), three people were dead and his friend was left with a permanent limp. So yes, God is good.

All the same, your family is truly going through some rough times (understatement). Can't imagine how people do this without God by their side.

Michelle, thanks for all of the support and advice you have given me over this past year. The mark of a truly loving, magnanimous person is when they offer of themselves even when their own proverbial cupboards are bare. You have given me immeasureable practical, emotional, and spiritual support. Thank you, my friend.

Ann (Elke's mom)

Kathleen said...

Holly Hanna Batman - that brace is going to be uncomfortable for poor Garrett but at least the deer won't be able to spot him!! Your family continues to be in our prayers.

Rhonda said...

Wow! God does protect!! Praying for y'all! God bless you in 2010!!!!!!!!!!