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Jan 5, 2010

Abby/Garrett Update & Prayer Request

From Michelle:

For an update on Abby's intracranial pressure and our thoughts on brain surgery click here.

To clarify a few things about the above mentioned post, we were not offended in the slightest by the comments from people who disagree with us. We welcome different opinions and experience. We have learned a lot from the comments and suggestions from readers, even if they appear to be critical (which we don't think they are... we don't publish the truly ugly or ungraciously critical comments).

I am grateful you love Abby enough to want her pain to stop immediately. I wish that was possible but since it is not, we covet your prayers. Thank you for loving Abby and for praying for our family.

Abby's eye appointment went great. He saw no signs her vision is being damaged. Praise God! We even get to wait 8 weeks before we have to return. We have been going to long doctors appointments every 2-3 days for a while now, with no end in sight, so we are very thankful to get a bit of a break from the eye doctor.

Today Abby will get another spinal tap, NOT because she is complaining about headaches but because it is time for her to get chemo injected into her spinal fluid. Oh how I wish we could wait a few days until her headaches return to do the spinal tap. But then I am praying her headaches stay away for good and we are praying that her cancer cells are destroyed so maybe this is best after all.

Over the last week Abby's breathing has gotten better, not perfect but better. She is sleeping quieter and her breathing is not as labored. In the past Abby has had more trouble breathing during and after she is sedated for procedures but the last two spinal taps have been fine.

I really think one of the chemos (Vincristine) she gets once a month is causing the problems with her breathing. Abby will get this chemo again tomorrow. This is one time I would LOVE to be wrong. Abby has to get this medication, so I am praying it is not the cause of the problems with her airway. I hope and pray I am wrong about this one.

For those who are curious, Abby's doctor has ordered a ENT consult, a sleep study, a Neurology consult, pain management consult and a headache clinic consult. All reasonable requests but just looking at that list makes me tired.

Garrett looked pretty tired tonight. He was still very sweet to Abby but I know it was an effort to play with her. It is the oddest experience to watch your 17 year old son move slowly across the room with a walker. I am thrilled he can but it is still hard to think about how many injuries he has sustained. He is not allowed to put any pressure on one of his legs and his neck, shoulder and back are injured so moving short distances is quite a chore.

Abby has been through hundreds of procedures and knows the drill...

... it's all business for her as she makes notes and documents results...

... WHAT-e-v-e-rrrrrrr!!!! Time to have some fun!
Let's get this party s-t-a-r-t-e-d!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Misty Rice said...

That's my girl.... we have the same exact Uggs. Don't they look so darling sitting it big chairs like that. Although we wish they didn't need to be there.... it reminds us just how SMALL and FRAGILE they really are in this big grown up world.

Bless her heart, she is so precious.

James 1:27 Family said...

Just thinking about Garrett's pain makes me ache. I will continue to pray for speedy healing. Love the pictures of Abby. I totally fell for the taking notes... Praying for your precious girl.

Love in Jesus,

Mom to 9 Blessings! said...

That girl is too cute!

I can't even imagine what it is like to watch Garrett be so hurt!

Prayers remain!

Much love,

Pam, mom, honey, said...

thanks for the update, so glad garrett is doing well enough to get up and walk short distances. praying for abby today, praying for garrett.

Ann Brown said...


If it is the vincristine that's doing this (like with Elke), just be prepared for the fact that Abby's breathing issues WILL most probably resurface at least for the next 24 hours. Elke's do almost every 4 weeks with the vincristine. HOWEVER (to give you hope and help you through it), they usually start dying down after a day or two. Also, I see they want to do a sleep study. Wouldn't it almost be easier just to do a bronchoscopy and get a definitive diagnosis? Although I guess the benefit of the sleep study is no sedation.... Just thinking out loud (clearly).

Prayers for a good day for you all.


snekcip said...

That Abby is WISE beyond her years!! Look at her "taking notes and documenting"! Cancer has an odd way of "growing this angels up way too fast"! Kind of a strange irony isnt it!

Kelli said...

God bless Garrett and Abby both. My surgery Monday was a walk in the park compared to what they are going through. My love and prayers are with you all.

noahandlylasmommi said...

Love the pictures. she is so happy in even the worst of situations. Praying that the spinal tap goes well.

wvamom said...

Glad to hear that Abby's eye appt went well and that you have a reprieve. Praying for safe travels for Brent.

Debi said...

Continuing to pray for Abby and Garrett. Praying that the Vincristine does not mess with her breathing and for every cancer cell to be knocked out and no more headaches. She deserves to be a carefree kid without all the medical concerns.
Praying that Garrett would heal and gain strength quickly.
Praying God's grace over your family.
Love and hugs and prayers,

Kat said...

Praying for no effect on the airway and continuing to pray for complete healing for Abby and now for Garrett...may God guide you all as you follow Him!!!

Stephanie said...

If your children are not the MOST adorable kids EVER, I'm not sure who might be (well, except maybe my own who are teens now!). It takes everything in me to not jump right through the comoputer screen to squeeze the stuffins out of 'em all! Beautiful family and wonderful news! We'll keep praying for the best!