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Jan 19, 2010

Brent Fit@45: Day 2

From Brent

I'll be 45 years old in May. Over the past 2 years with all the challenges we've faced, I have roller-coastered up and down 20-40 pounds in weight several times.

My twin brother, Bruce, got off the roller-coaster and now finds himself back at his HIGH SCHOOL WEIGHT and in the greatest shape of his life. No, he didn't do some extreme, crazy, drug-aided nuttiness... he simply changed his diet to healthy foods only and committed to exercise 6 days a week.

He knows the stress and disruptions our family has dealt with and how hard it has been for me to be dedicated to good eating and exercise. He also knows how good he feels now. So has really been pushing me and encouraging me to join him... and I am.

My goal is to be "Fit@45". Want to join me?

It doesn't matter how old you are. I'll encourage and support anyone who wants to join me. I'll be blogging about my experience and writing helpful information and encouragement for everyone who wants to read it.

I'll be putting a daily update on the blog, and you have my permission to absolutely hound me and chew my butt out if I do not stick to my commitments. You'll see some MckLinky lists below that will grow over time and benefit us all. If you have friends and family who need to get in shape, tell them about this post, and invite to join me on this journey.

Anyone who has been around us long, knows we help a lot of folks. It's what we love to do with our life. Answer questions, advise, teach, mentor... and especially minister to orphans, widows and families. We rarely come on the blog and blatantly ASK FOR HELP... well, I'm asking for your help with this. How? Accountability, tips, ideas and encouragement.

I really would like to be alive to enjoy all my kids growing up. This roller-coaster-weight-loss-and-gain, and all the physical stress our family challenges have stirred up for us, make this a real health issue for me; not just a quality of life (which is an important reason) but a quantity of life. My wife doesn't want me to drop dead from a heart attack. I'm pretty sure most of my kids don't either, and I'm at least 50/50 on the issue myself.

Now the Lord may choose to take me anyway, but it doesn't have to be because of my own physical neglect.

So What Now?

Before I tell you what I'm doing, let me give this preface: while overweight, I'm still pretty strong, frequently do hard physical work, and athletically active (though not consistently). I'm not a couch potato or "soft" by any stretch.

I'm pretty educated about physical fitness and have enjoyed a high level of fitness in the past as a former Army Drill Sergeant, a black belt in Kenpo and a competitive tennis player for over 20 years. I'm also educated about diet, food, eating habits, glycemic index, carbs, organic foods, etc.

I tell you all that to say that KNOWLEDGE is not my problem... it's commitment and consistency. I know what my body is capable of, what diet is best for me and what kind of exercise program is appropriate for my goals.

Healthy Eating

Having said that, my commitment to what food I eat is this: fresh fruits and vegetables, protein, whole unprocessed grains, eggs and most raw unprocessed foods within reason unless they are particularly high fat, carbs or calories. I understand what are good oils, good fats and good carbs. I also have a good friend, Jill Samter, who is a a guru at all things food. You should check out her blog and book here if you haven't seen it. Great stuff.

Healthy Exercise

Besides playing tennis whenever I can, I am committed to one hour of a cardio mix minimum, six days a week. For example, yesterday I walked/jogged and climbed stadium steps for an hour keeping my heart rate at the optimal 80-90% range, perfect for burning fat. I also own the P90X workout series and I mix that in. It is a VERY intense workout, so for now, I'm going about half P90X, and half walk/jog/steps.

FYI... because of water weight, I'll lose a some big numbers in the first week or two. Don't take that as a sign of some extreme starvation diet. A personal genetic gift from my beloved mother is my ability to easily hold water when I don't eat right. It sheds quickly though with exercise and good eating.

Before and After Photos

Yes, I took some starting photos. When I make some REAL PROGRESS, I'll post them with some updated photos. I don't want to put them up now because I've accomplished nothing yet not to mention they are embarrassing. I want to wait and be able to show real progress to encourage myself and those who are doing this with me.

If you are going to do this with me, then take some starting photos for later use... from the front, side and behind. Preferably, wear something that shows your actual shape so you can see the progress as you go along.

Quick Daily Updates on the Blog

I'm not going to bog down the blog with a long post every day. I'm going to post my daily numbers, write a couple of thoughts, and include the lists below that will grow over time. I'll write more if a lot of people ask questions and WANT me to write more. Otherwise, I appreciate your encouragement and holding me accountable. I hope you LET ME HAVE IT with BOTH BARRELS if I don't keep my commitment.

Not sure what, but I'll come up with something special for everyone when I reach my goal of "Fit@45". I have no idea what but I always appreciate the kindness and encouragement of our blog family, and if you'll help me get healthy, I'll think up something fun and exciting in return.

Today's Daily Update

Here's what a typical post each day will look like. The lists will be included and I hope you'll continue to add to them over time. Each days "numbers" will be what I did YESTERDAY:

Date: Monday, January 18, 2010
Weight loss since Jan 18th, 2009: 3.0 lbs.
Body Fat: 45.6%
Muscle Weight: 175.2 lbs.
Visceral Fat %: 22%

Did I stick to *diet yesterday? Yes
Comments about eating: Chicken, eggs, apples, salad

Exercise yesterday? Yes
Comments about exercise: Walked/jog/stadium steps for one hour

*Diet: Proteins, veggies, fruits, raw foods. Violations are sugar, white flours, processed food, overeating or bad eating.

Daily Thought:

The hardest part is getting started. Find a group of friends who will encourage you and hold you accountable. You have START for the right reasons, and some accountability will help you through the hardest times. Do you know deep, long lasting, eternally profitable reasons for wanting to lose weight and get fit? If not, you probably won't stick with it.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
We're In This Together

If you are joining me, email and let me know ( Tell me your name (anonymous or just first name if you want), the amount of weight you want to lose, your blog (if you want me to link to it publicly), and any comment/goals you have. I'll put the list here, and update your progress whenever you send it to me. Will you join me? We can do it together?
  • Paula, age 55 wants to lose 50 pounds.... go Paula! Don't quit!
  • How about you?
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Dena said...

I just turned 45 and have the same goal! Good luck.
I just wanted to say that I have followed your daughter's story and been praying for her for quite some time. I don't always have time to catch up on your blog but I pop in to find out how she's doing. I will continue to pray for your family.

Meg B....that's me! said...

I too am aiming to get fit and healthy! I am blogging about my journey too. Good luck on your getting healthy journey!

Kelli said...

I'm a yo-yo and still struggling to lose that last 10 pounds. Ten may not sound like much, but for me specifically, with systemic disease, 10 pounds is the difference between being in the safety zone vs in the danger zone. I am also one who has a lot of knowledge but due to schedule and low income, it is challenging to stay consistent. I am a member of Team Beachbody as well as my own Facebook group, Team Bosarge - Getting Back on Track. I recommend either (or both) as a way to receive extra encouragement, tips, accountability and support. We all may have different goals, but we can reach them together. Good luck to everyone!!! I'll keep in touch.

kate said...

Ha! When I saw this I thought it meant you were throwing a fit! :) I would totally understand if you did! I like what you really mean even better! Hope it goes well!

Mom to 9 Blessings! said...

I'm so proud of you!

We are all cheering you on and will be praying over you to reach your personal goal!

Doing this for yourself first and to lead your children to being healthy is a great goal too!

Big hugs and blessings,

Debbie said...

I too, would love to get fit @ I have a very hard time at it (maybe just use this as an excuse), my daughter has Cystic Fibrosis and has to have a high fat/high calorie diet to maintain her weight so when she is sick(er) she wont loose too much weight and make it easier for her to fight the exaccerbation..anyway, I tend to eat what she eats because I was raised to only fix one meal and not individual meals.
Any tips?
Good luck to you.

Marie said...

Good for you Brent, you'll be helping yourself and your family, and inspiring your readers to get healthy!!

I'm a fitness instructor so feel free to ask any questions I'll be happy to help!

purejoy said...

okay. i'm in. you've inspired me. now i have to get started. yikes.

so here i go!!

thanks for the kick in the twins (my rather large a**)

off to have my oatmeal!!

do you think it is coincidence that the word verification is "tubzns?"