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Jan 14, 2010

A Common Question Answered

From Brent

Here are questions I get routinely:
  • I'm out of photo space using Blogger. How do I store my own photos?
  • How do I link to photos using Flickr?
  • How do I make my photos larger on Blogger? It keeps resizing them. I like those big photos you guys have...
  • How can I place my own photos using Blogger without using their awful photo import tool?
I answer those questions and give you a tutorial over on the MckLinky Blog:


Kelly L said...

I love your blog and the McLinky -thanks for giving me great ideas.

Love and blessings to you


Haddock said...

As far as Flickr goes, click on the picture you want a direct link, click on All Sizes, click on the size you want (preferably medium) and then you get the hyper link below.
Copy that and paste it to your text in the blog.
Simple isn't it ? No?
Well don't worry I too struggled initially.
But now most of my pictures are from my own Flickr account.

Pineapple Princess said...


I'm trying to figure out a html code so I can mouse over an image to see a before and after photo. Can you help?

Thank you!
pineappleprincess777 at gmail dot com