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Jan 18, 2010

Look Who's Home

Please pray for my friend Alicia and her daughter Avalon. Avalon is a leukemia survivor who is dealing with increased intracranial pressure again. She has recently had TWO brain surgeries and her pressures are sky high once again. Her mother hasn't updated her site yet, but you can see Avalon's beautiful face here. Thank you for praying.

Abby at the hospital, watching Winnie the Pooh. Abby's new favorite thing.

To our surprise, Abby was discharged from the hospital today. Yeah! Her white blood cells increased a little and that helped her doctor feel comfortable allowing her to healing at home. She is still coughing, snoring and having headaches BUT she is home and surrounded by people who adore her. God is good.

Abby has FOUR doctors appointments this week and is supposed to have her sleep study tomorrow. The sleep study lab will probably postponed once again since Abby is sick. I really want that one done, but I understand that it needs to be done right.

Abby looks pretty good, but her headaches are back. She is getting pretty tired of all of the medical appointments, procedures and pain.

Abby just wants to be a normal, healthy little girl. We have a really busy week and Abby doesn't have a lot of energy to begin with.

I would love to hear your ideas for fun, easy things we could do with with Abby, that don't take a lot of her energy to do. She needs to have some fun and I long to see her smile.

Thanks for continuing to pray.


MP said...

Can Abby take a soaking bath? If she can, then surprise her with a Luxurious bath..Princess Spa.. created only for princess'...fill with bubbles, line the room with candles, fill a wine or champagne glass with her favorite beverage. Serve her grapes and fruit to her liking. Maybe even chocolate if she likes chocolate. Either play princess music or if you have a portable dvd player, her favorite movie. My girls love it when I do this for them in our garden tub. Makes them feel oh so special. After the bath a nice lotion, hair brushing, and nail painting.
Blessings on you, your princess, and your family.

Heidi said...

Fun easy things to do with your sweet girl:

paint toenails

make paper dolls or paper doll chains

play with shadow puppets

make a mosaic out of beans and pasta

string pretty beads to make a necklace or bracelet

have her dictate a story, perhaps a story about going to the hospital to share with other kids to help them not be scared or nervous

let her help in drawing tattoos on each other with a henna pen

trace her body on butcher paper and let her decorate it

have a joke night (or afternoon or morning)

Alisha said...

I don't know if Abby is hungry if she is not feeling well (when my son was receiving chemo he wasn't really hungry.) If she is you could make and decorate sugar cookies. Then have a princess tea party.

Something that made my son happy was to have some small school activities that he could do. He loves school and was very sad if he couldn't go. We would have arts and crafts, an educational movie, snack, and maybe a fun math activity (normally the math actvity involved food, to try to encourage him to eat). If he got too tired we would have "rest time" in the middle of the living room, we would make a blanket nest, and dim the lights.

Lynnette Kraft said...

Praising God with you!

Anonymous said...

We broke down and bought an itouch ipod. That way when stuck at a dr.s appt the kids can listen to music we pre downloaded off itunes or play with the tons of apps we have downloaded that are appropriate and fun for their age. (dress a princess comes to mind for abby. They get to pick which dress, tiara, hair do, shoes etc to put on them) There are also educational ones and we find the praise music soothing and peaceful during these appts. Itouch also lets you download episodes of favorite shows to watch on it. (dora, ni hao Kailan, etc)
Also we pack a small backpack for trips and such with a small magna doodle, color book and crayons and a chapter book that I can read a little of at at time to them.
Not a lot of energy but loads of fun is that giant barbie head that you get to put makeup on and do her hair!! Fun and easy to take along if need be!
Sorry if you already use these things. I've not gone back and read a lot of the blog but just jumped in and started praying at some point! :)
Blessings and Love and JOY that your sweet girl is home!
~Laurie in California <3

Jenney said...

Put a couple of bags of rice into a plastic storage container and let her use measuring cups/spoons a funnel to play in it. The container could sit right on the bed with her, or on a tray table.

Laurel said...

Still praying ...

Big Hugs from the Big D Family!

:) :) :)

Mom to 9 Blessings! said...

Praising God she is home!

Praying for super craft ideas of fun to be given to you!

Our prayers remain over Abby!

Big hugs and much love,

Sweet Joni said...

HAPPY for you all that Abby is HOME!!! Can surely understand wanting to STAY home instead of going to 'one more' doctor appt. but at same time grateful that Abby is getting the Medical attention she needs!

I'm sad to read all this of Avalon [still reading]. She's such a precious one! And my heart goes to her mommy...

So many times I want to just REACH OUT & do something, anything, to help but of course I'm not a 'traveler' physically or mentally nor can I afford to so I sit feeling helpless; doing only what I can do best... "spread the word to others"

You asked about simple things to do...
A website LOADED with Bible Games & things:

~Paper, Scissors, Glue, Markers~
Making greeting cards by hand {never too EARLY to do Christmas Cards} ha... and nothing better than a card from a sweet 5yr old AND it's something the whole family can do.

~Paints, Ceramic Object~
Painting a ceramic Pooh Bear for bedroom wall?

~Paper, Pens~

Laura Ferry-Jimenez said...

how about a wreath? we're in new orleans and my girls and I are making a Mardi Gras wreath but you can make a valentine's one!

saw this on another blog in case you are interested. :)

Anonymous said...

Fun when you're low on energy: I cook play clay. The girls love sitting (even in bed with a tray) and playing with with this very soft clay. Water play is a big relaxer at our house but she would need to be at a sink. My girls love books on tape which our local library has a good supply of. I started using these when the girls had to sit for 20 mins. of light therapy (eyes). Now they enjoy listening anytime while they relax in their bean bag chairs. By the way our bean bag chair is one of our best investments for relaxing.

Just a note about the sleep study--possibly you are familiar with them--our 4 year old was wired at many, many, many points. I have no idea how she ever slept. The problem was she was allergic to the adhesive remover they used the next morning to remove the pads. She ended up on medication from this incredible rash she got for the next 7 days. Hope it is helpful.


Anonymous said...

So glad she is home! We pray for Abby every day!

Paper dolls came to mind. I know when my daughter was younger she loved those.

Also, maybe Abby (with help) could make a visual of her "prayer chain." You know how you take strips of construction paper and make interlocking circles out of them? Taping or gluing works. On each strip of construction paper, write the name of someone who is praying for Abby. Then start linking them together. I know Abby's prayer chain would be VERY long!

Besides being fun to do, what a comfort to be able to string the chain up somewhere in the house and visually SEE how many people are praying! You could even color-code them if you wanted to. A certain color for family, a certain color for church friends, another color for praying children, another color for people (like me) that you've never even met! Just an idea....

May God hold all of you very close, and heal Abby completely!

-Susan in NC

Anonymous said...

I think she should face paint her family! We'll want pics of course!

Heather & Rick said...

I used to make coffee filter snowflakes with the kids I babysat- You take a coffee filter, fold it up into a cone shape, cut as if you were doing a paper snowflake.. then unfold it and use water color markers to color on it. Then use a spray bottle to lightly mist it with water- the colors all run so make sure you do it by the sink, then alow to dry on a dish rack or hanging over the sink. Makes really pretty snowflakes.. and when you hang em in the windows they look so nice! (also did this with half coffee filters and didnt cut them up like snowflakes.. instead we colored multicolored rainbows and talked about how God has promised to allways care for us.) the key is to use only bright colors and leave some spaces blank so the colors have room to run.

Mom of Many said...

Unfortunately the only things I can think of are ones you've probably already thought of like board games, coloring, and movies (which I know you're doing from the pic of Abby above) but my main reason for commenting was to let you know I'm keeping your sweet daughter and entire family in my prayers. Hugs...

The Gobble's (Lanetta) said...

oh Michelle.. I wish I had some amazing idea of a fun thing you could do with Abby... but, you are amazing and I'm sure have thought of all my simple ideas.. :)
so happy to read she's home.. and know that we're praying for you always.. and this week..
Love and hugs,

girlscientist said...

Abby looks so beautiful here! I'm SO glad you have a moment of "relative" health. Sending healing light and love from me and my warrior to you and yours.
Mars and Ruby

emsres said...

One of my five-year old's favorite activities is GOOP. It's a fun quiet activity that can be done at home with family and friends. We spread a plastic table cloth on the floor and the put a large pan down and dump in a box of cornstarch. Then start adding water (about 2 cups give or take). Kids (and most grownups) LOVE this stuff. If you tap on it it's hard, but lay your hand gently on the top and it will sink. Is it a solid or a liquid? Great gooey, inexpensive entertainment for the whole gang. You can add food coloring but we usually skip this as it leaves us with colored hands for days ;-)

laura p said...

I am sure you have done some of these but these are things my 3 and 5 year olds love to do that don't require a lot of energy. "play" cooking, I put bowls of flour, sugar, water, salt shaker, what ever else you want to put out and then with measuring spoons they make their own dough. It can get a little messy but if they keep it on the table it is fun. They also love play-dough (sometimes we make it and they love that too, very easy) cutting out paper dolls from magazines and glueing them on cardboard. Making cards for people. These are just a few of the indoor things they like to do. Hope it helps and that sweet Abby is smiling soon.

sierrasmom said...

Take a large ziplock bag and put some finger paint inside of it. You can put 2 colors that mixed together will make a third. Close it up and let Abby finger paint on the outside of the bag. No mess and the kids just love the way it feels. They can write numbers letters, or just shapes!!! I play with it too!!! You can save it and reuse it!!
Kathie in NY

Pam, mom, honey, said...

scrapbooking, she could even take her pictures from the hospital she is mostly in and scrapbook them and then right her praises and the good parts about it and give it to that hospital. I know that sounds silly. Scrapbooking can be done in bed or at a table. It can be done on construction paper and with colorings or stickers. She could do make up and playdough, she could make a sting of things like necklaces. ooh she could make necklaces to give to friends when they visit at home or in the hospital.

Angie H said...

If it would not take too much energy for Abby, maybe she could start making Valentine's for her classmates.
Praying for you all and praising God she improved enough to come home!

Anonymous said...

kids love this -put a little of dads shaving cream on a cookie sheet and let her use her finger to draw pictures, she can erase and draw over and over

also, my 5 year old and I love to draw pictures on each others backs and guess what the other is drawing

cut pictures out of magazines and glue them on paper and let her draw pictures working the magazine picture into the drawing - for example a house and she draws all the other details...

make jewlery with cheap beads you can string

pipe cleaners can be a lot of fun

Megan said...

Did not read everyone else's comments so maybe this has already been mentioned. My daughter got a very inexpensive make your own jewelry kit for Christmas and LOVES it! You can find them most anywhere. Also, how about play doh? Always fun! A Nintendo DS is also good, pricey but good. There are lots of games out there that do not require reading and again, my daughter loves hers. Praying for you guys and wishing Abby some good ol' normal kid fun!

Masto Mama said...

You got some great ideas already but when my kids were so sick with their disease and spent all their time in the doctor's offices and the hospital we spent a lot of time doing the following:

1. Paint--I'd bring a plate with little dividers in it, and put paint in each section--then use a table top easel so that she can sit in bed while she does it.

2. We'd also use watercolors, and glitter glue (but we paint it on).

3. There's even those paints with a built in brush--perfect for preschoolers. Then you wouldn't need a tray of paints.

4. We'd also use color wonder products.

5. Color something with crayon then paint over it with watercolors--it makes a beautiful effect on the picture. Then glue some sequins on it (we made an awesome Little Mermaid picture this way).

6. We got leapsters for both kids. When they were going to be down for a long period of time, we'd buy a new leapster game to make it exciting.

7. Make animal crafts--or princess crafts--or Wiine the Pooh--I have a trillion because I taught preschool, but you can cut out a crown out of pink construction paper and have her decorate it with jewels, markers, and glitter.

8. Michaels has a ton of those foam crafts that are basically stickers to put on different shapes (and they have everything princess). Really easy and cute.

9. Card games, board games

I'm glad she's home and I'm continuing to pray.


Al's World said...

Crayola has a bunch of cool drawing boards out there...ones that light up, look 3D. There are also bendits or painting pictures. Go to Hobby Lobby or the craft isle in Walmart and there are tons of could get letters for her name and paint them...I am so glad she is home, and continue to pray for Dr. Appts.

noahandlylasmommi said...

So glad she is home. I am sure that being there is much more relaxing and healing for her. Praying for her poor head. I am sure she is beyond sick of headaches. Let us know how her appts goes. Praying for wisdom for all of the Dr's involved.

Sabrina said...

so glad she's home! What a blessing to be out of the hospital. I hope and pray there is a pain resolution soon for Abby. It breaks my heart thinking of her in such terrible agony, it must be heartbreaking to watch. Prayers for Abby, Garrett, and Avalon too :-(

Anonymous said...

Shrinky Dinks. Put a marshmallow in the microwave and let her watch it get really big and then make a S'more. Make cornflake wreaths out of cornflakes and marshmallows. Times with a little more energy, Twister with her brothers and sisters. With the family one person starts a story, the next person adds on, and so on. Can become very silly. Whisper a secret in one childs ear and have them tell the next person and so on until the last person and see what it comes out as. Teach her and Hannah cat in the cradle with string/yarn. A yo-yo. Jacks. Sock puppets and then do puppet shows. Dot to Dot and maze books. Prime a wooden bird house and let her use stamps to paint it. Then hang it out side where she can see the birds. With the cards, see if she wants to make cards for other sick kids. Get a recorder/flute/drum that she can play sitting down. Also works her lungs a little to keep them clear. Decorate sugar cookies (who says they just have to be for Christmas). Color eggs (again not just for easter). Get a scrapbook that she could make of her journey to her new brother or sister. Show her how silly putty takes the ink off paper and you can stretch to make them funny looking. A favorite for any kid is a whoopie cushion. Could someone teach her how to finger knit a scarf? Is there some craft (check Michaels) where she could do some pounding. Just thinking that at times she probably gets frustrated and mad, this would be a way for her to safely work some of that out. I'm not encouraging violence in any way but having a safe outlet for pent up feelings is good. Just some random thoughts and ideas.


Terri Green said...

What a great picture!! Praying for precious Abby, that the headaches will let up.

Love in Christ!
Terri and Jesse

Lynda said...

Pipe cleaners and beads so she can practice making patterns as she probably does at school.

Chocolate pudding in a ziploc bag makes an interesting writing pad and change from crayons or markers. Smooth it out and write again. And if you are at home, pudding is an excellent 'fingerpainting' activity for the kitchen table/counter. They can lick it of their hands at clean up time.

Ditto on the paper dolls. Make a simply shaped one that she can have fun tracing so she can design her own clothes. has some really nice ones that you can print onto card stock...and is also a great craft supply/idea resource. Their paperdolls have seasonal clothing to be colored, cut out and glued on. My kids made stick puppets of them alot.

Pompoms are a quiet counting/sorting and stacking toy. Our local Wal-Mart carries a relatively cheap bag of multi size and color selection that would keep her busy for hours...even without glue.