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Jan 29, 2010

More Winter Pics - Lots of Snow Now

From Brent

It's been snowing all day and of course the kids want to get out and play even though it's about -3000 wind chill. We braved a few more pics:

Abby loves the snow. She doesn't really get cold much,
it's pretty amazing. We thought she would be a little "fragile"
but she's not. She loves it.

Check the mail, shovel the snow while the kids play.

Not conducive to webslinging; SpideyLandis ponders the situation.

Abby and Sami stayed out long after the rest of us got cold.

Sami absolutely loves the snow.
She never saw it in Ethiopia.

Who's the moron in shorts????
I finally found something slightly WHITER
than my own legs.


Elizabeth said...

I wondered if we'd get some beautiful wintery pictures from your storm! We're next door, and we just got some pretty snow without the ice. I love taking pictures in the snow!

Erika Breitbach said...

Love the pictures Brent. Looks like you guys got a bunch of snow down south. Isnt it suppose to be warm down there? LOL! Glad to see the kids had fun playin in the snow....oh yeah, the snow is definately whiter then your legs...always thinkin positive! love it!

Mom to 9 Blessings! said...

Sorry - but ROFL!

I was awwwww the whole post and loving the shots of the kids!

Then that - LOL!

You are one funny man!

Love and blessings to all of yoU!

Thanking God you are all safe!

Keep warm!

Go inside would you! Brrrrrrrr you are making me cold just looking at you :-)

3 Blessings said...

Love the pics!

Debbie said...

You are like me..your legs are made whiter than they are already because you are next to dark children, just like mine. I love it!!!

as written by Barbara said...

These are great pictures!!! Love the snow on the eyelashes!
I truly think Sami should do some modeling. There are some good places where you could submit the photos and she could still be the simple natural girl she is. It would be way to put away for college or future educational expenses. She is so beautiful... she radiates from the inside. :-)
Barbara Lyman :-)
Marysville, WA

Are These Kids All Yours? said...

Oh dear Brent....snow is whiter, but you are hilarious! Glad to see the kids enjoying the cold stuff!

Kathy said...

Beautiful snow! We're getting rain here in the south. Lovin' the shorts and white legs LOL

Angela said...

Your girls are incredibly beautiful! I LOVE that shot of them together. Got a little snigger out of the one of you in your shorts. You are one goofy guy!

Marie said...

Ok someone's gotta ask...WHY exactly are you in shorts and a T-shirt in the snow???

BoufMom9 said...

There's always so crazy guy who goes out in the snow...I thought it was only my husband. I was wrong. LOL
Looks like the kids were having a great time.

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Also, right now, in her honor, I am donating $1 for every comment left on this post ( to pediatric cancer research and would love to reacg 300. (I am only around 76)

Any support would be greatly, greatly appreciated.
Most sincerely, Debi

ps I must say, it is such a beautiful thing to see Abby just playing in the snow :)

Jesse, James and Lindsey's mom said...

Send some snow up north! We have lots be need MORE!! :)
Love the photos and you would fit right in in Alaska with the shorts and white legs!!

Cindy said...

I can' help but giggle at the last photo, as it reminds me of something my husband has done quite a few times :-)

I adore the photos of the children...just priceless!! So nice to see a smile on Abby's face! I have always loved the snow...makes the cold worth it!!

God Bless

The Adoption Journey of Baby King said...

I love the snow on Sami's eyelashes! So beautiful. The snow sure is pretty as long as you can stay home, play in it, and watch it fall.

It reminds me of the ice storm we had here in MO a couple of years ago. Stay warm and drive carefully.

So glad to hear Abby is doing better.

Pam, mom, honey, said...

this morning at church this guy says where are you from. i said WV why do i have a accent. he said no but you are never dressed. i laughed and then realized he meant i had on short sleeves and it is freezing outside. i rarely wear long sleeves

Sabrina said...

LOL! My husband wears shorts under his sweats when he goes out to clear the drive and let the kids play too! I have some pictures around here somewhere. He always says as long as it's above 15* it's "Shorts weather in Chicago" - Yeah, not for me thanks...

purejoy said...

hahahaha! that last one killed me!! we got snow too, although not as much as predicted, and much of it ruined by the rain mix and then capped off by a dusting. but it all froze overnight. great for sledding, not so much for snowman making. the kids here have all had a blast. wish i still had a couple at home…
y'all look like you had fun. i love the flakes on sami's eyelashes!