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Jan 27, 2010

Photos of the Kids & Suggest a Caption Contest

From Brent

I'm going to update my Fit@45 only once a week. We are actually losing readers who apparently think that is the primary focus of our blog... can't win, huh?
- - - - - - - - -
I LOVE to take pics of kids. Especially my own... Love, love, love. Wish I had a job doing it. Here's a few from tonight. See if you can help us with some captions.

I'll send the winners of each caption contest a free e-copy of my newest Digital Photography Guide or your pick of one of my books (if you want it!).

Abby received some packages today in the mail
from our wonderful blog friends. She was so excited.
What do you thinking is she thinking in this photo?
Leave a picture caption:

SpideyLandis was very happy for Abby,
helping her enjoy each wonderful gift and daydreaming about...?
Leave a caption suggestion and read his mind for us:

We're so blessed to have all three of them love each other so much.
SpideyLandis is scheming, "as soon as this photo is done, I'm going to..." what?

Sami was actually trying to get Abby to do something and Abby
just kept grinning at her because she... ???

I (Brent) loved this photo. Not sure why. It just really touched me.
Why do you think it had some an impact on me? Leave your caption/thought:

Sami and Abby were just playing around while I was setting up my camera.
Help me with a caption for this pic:

Your caption:

It's great to be a photographer and have such beauty
to focus the lens on. Kind of makes it easy for me, huh?
This was actually about the 100th photo I took of Sami (Hannah)
because I messing with experimental settings on my camera (what do
you think of the result?). What do you think she is thinking after a
hundred guinea pig shots for Dad?


Marie said...

Oh no, I was enjoying the Fit @ 45 entries!

This isn't a criticism, but I have to say I did find the Mcklinky entries did make your Fit 45 posts rather long, perhaps that's a reason people weren't liking them? Just a thought, perhaps if you keep them shorter.

Peggi said...

i like the fit 45, it makes me want to work out. Can you use twitter each day to enter the stats?

Sweet Joni said...

Precious photos - all of them! :)

Great to see Abby smiling while she's having FUN!!! :)

And the LOVE that Hannah shows is WONDERFUL! :)

SpideyLandis - forever skeeming up 'something' :D Must get it from his goofy dad! LOL

Elizabeth said...

The caption contest was fun!

I'm so glad you and several others are on the mission to keep the body God's given you healthy. Fit @ 45 is a good idea. I agree with Marie though (not wanting to be critical) that they were quite long. Maybe it could be abbreviated and have twice a week updates??