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Jan 1, 2010

That New Year Pic

From Brent

"How'd you do that pic?"

Easily, the most frequent questions I get are about the stuff I do with photos, especially when I trick one out like the New Years image yesterday.

Here is a side-by-side comparison with the original:

A few of the things I did:
  • cropping
  • color correction
  • sharpening
  • protruding from the image frame edges
  • added graphics
  • used several techniques to make if feel "3D" and...
  • I got a better "face" for Sami off another photo.
The original pic didn't have the right expression for Sami but I loved the laugh that Abby had going. So I looked through the other photos and found a good one of Sami. Then I used a couple of tricks to get it naturally superimposed on the original. Seeing is NOT believing anymore...

I've been jotting down an outline for "Digital Photography Guide: Volume Two" (here's Volume One if you missed it). Is this type of "fun with photos" something you would like to see a volume dedicated too? I'll probably end up doing MANY volumes on digital photography since everyone seems to enjoy it so much.

But... one volume at a time. Here's your chance to tell me what you want to see in Volume Two.

Enter your suggestion or wish for "Digital Photography: Volume Two" in this MckLinky Top X list. If you come up with an idea or suggestion that actually appears in Volume Two, you'll get the eBook FREE!


whenpigsfly said...

I have such a case of Photography envy!!! To remedy this I am reading and reading like a crazy person to improve my terrible skills!!!
BOTH photos are rally nice but the "new face" on Hannah's original does make for a better TWO SISTER POSE.

Tracey's Life said...

Ok what software are you using to do the cropping and adding of neat little stuff? Still glad your family is doing well for today.

Marie said...

Aww, I liked Sami's expression in the first one! She looks fierce! Great to see Abby having fun too! Best wishes for Garrett too I hope he's doing better and won't have any permanent injury.