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Feb 23, 2010

Abby - One Year Ago

The last few days have been spent seeing specialists, who have in turned asked us to see different specialists in addition to the ones Abby is already seeing. None of the things we have learned are earth-shattering but the conversations are difficult to process since the decisions being made will have a profound effect on Abby's quality of life for the next year.

One huge blessing occurred today. Abby's white blood cell count is high enough to be out in public again. Abby has some big plans for this week so we are thrilled she is off "house arrest".

I have been down for the past few weeks but tonight God reminded me of where Abby was one year ago today. The pictures from this time last year remind me of how far God has already brought us and that He never left our side.

Thank you for continuing to pray for all of us all.


Shari said...

I apologize for not commenting or writing email lately to you all. I have been 'driving by' blogs and just reading. I continue to pray for you all. And if you can, could you update us on Garrett's progress? Much love to your family.

Masto Mama said...

Wow! Not only am I shocked that I've been reading for more than a year already, I'm blown away at how different Abby looked a year ago! I remember it, but I love how she looks now so much more...I pray that she will have a really FUN week and that all her plans will go exactly how she wants them to. Hugs to you all....

Sweet Joni said...

One Year Ago Abby's Chemo Count Down was at 633 & I remember someone saying over the phone "I'll be happy when it's under 300!" {No names mentioned...Michelle} teehee

You ALL have come a LONG way in a yr. & there's LESS than one yr. to go for Chemo!!!!!!!

"Just For Today"
Just for today... I will pray.
Just for today... I will live in the moment.
Just for today... I will give to another.
Just for today... I will accept what God gives me.
Just for today... I will be patient.
Just for today... I will hug each of my children.

And upon retiring at night -
Just for today... I will find at least one positive in every negative.
Just for today... I will take time alone to meditate.
Just for today... I will Thank Our Lord for another day done HIS way!

You've a world full of prayers, hugs & love each & EVERY day!!!!!


Sweet Joni said...

Yeppirs, me again...
After leaving here, I went to my blog to see what I was up to a yr ago & here's what I found...

MO - [MckLinky Blog Hop]
TU - Laughter Lives! Tuesday
WE - Pray for Me...Pray for Others
TH - Hi/Lo Thursday
FR - [MckLinky Blog Hop]
SA - ???[How To Do Video/Brent]???
SU - Sunday Morning Bible Teaching w/Brent Riggs

Any chance WE can all return to doing this???
It seemed to get me & keep me blogging.
It was a joy & inspiration to know I'd wake up to your blog (& others).
Some of us really miss your SA/SU videos & daily blogs!!!

Btw... How's the weight coming along??? ;-) I've started walking daily... yesterday was COLD but went further & NO back pain... PTL!!!

Love & Hugs,

Nati @ I will praise Him said...

Wow, what a difference a year makes.

I'm praying that the next year will be so much better for Abby.

And I'm thrilled that Abby gets to go out in public this week! YAY!

Mom to 9 Blessings! said...

Praising God for how far He has brought Abby and your family!

Hugs and love - our prayers remain!


jody said...

Abby has come along way in this year. Her hair is back (just keep those scissors away from her!) and she is out of that hospital bed. I continue to think of you and pray for you often. Old photos are some times a good reminder of where we have all been, good and bad. Hope Abby can get out today for a bit!

maddie/cadesmimi said...

So glad to hear that Abby is having a bit of a "break". Just getting her off "house arrest" will be wonderful for all of you. Keep the faith, and keep plodding along--one step at a time. We're praying for you. Tell Abby her pen pal, Miss Kathy, says hello, and that another letter and package will soon be making its way to her from Georgia. I hope the little Pooh and friends made it to Oklahoma. Blessings, Kathy

Kat said...

Continuing to pray for Abby and your family. Praying for guidance and wisdom for you as you make decisions in Abby's treatment....

Ann Brown said...


Whether or not I leave a comment, you are all always in my prayers. I'm sorry that everything has been so difficult recently. Prayers for strength, God's peace, and healing for Abby. Hey, and praise for Abby's rise in counts!


Ann (and Elke)

Anonymous said...

I Love You Abby.

Terri said...

I remember those pics from a year ago. I'm slow glad Abby is feeling better and I'm always thinking about her!

Anonymous said...

I can't even believe that was Abby! I just started reading your blog in November and I've never seen pictures of Abby with no hair. Poor thing. Praising God for the 'jail break!' Abby will always be in my prayers and tell her I lover her!!
Mattie Patterson

Ana's Mama said...

Awh! Abby has come a long way! It is hard to believe I have been following her this long! Ana and I still pray for Abby. Hoping for blessings for you all.

- Jodi

Debi said...

What a long way sweet Abby has come this last year. God is so good and is always with her.
Praying for the fulfillment of all of God's plans and purposes for her life in the coming year ahead.
Love and hugs and prayers,