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Feb 1, 2010

Happy Yellow Day... and the Blog Hop - 20 Years Ago

From Michelle:

First, I want to say thank you to everyone who helped with the Shirt for Shoes fundraiser. In total 782 shirts were purchased, that is 782 children who now own a pair of shoes and a new shirt. God is so good. Kari what God did through you is simply amazing. For more info click here.

Second of all, do you remember what today is? In honor of a brave little girl, Avalon, today is Yellow Day. Her family is collecting pictures of yellow clad people and any picture with Avalon's name on it. If you would like to on in the fun you can send you pictures here:
alicia at

Abby loved dressing up for her friend.

We searched high and low for things with the name "Avalon" on them.
Brent being Brent "discovered" something amazing...

One of the Space Shuttles has been renamed "The Avalon"!
Wow!!! Who woulda believed it???
Happy Yellow Day Avalon. We love you.

From Brent:

Today's MckLinky Blog Hop is a fun one (why don't you join us?): tell us about YOU twenty years ago...

20 years ago I was working on the Space Shuttle program, living in Florida, teaching Kenpo and getting ready to pull duty in Desert Storm. I was a Drill Sgt in the Army, although that's not what I did in Desert Storm. Young and dumb...

Getting my black belt...

Waiting outside the launch pad for a shuttle to go up...

Drill Sgt... with a couple of privates on graduation day.

Oh yeah, and doing Elvis impersonations
whenever I felt like looking really stupid.

Those were the old days...

MckLinky Blog Hop


Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

What a fun Blog Hop!

Love the old photos :o)

Blessings & Aloha!
Also how neat are the "Avalon" and yellow photos too!

I dont know why...I did copy the code and paste it to my html. However, on my post it only shows the MckLinky logo and not the box with all the links. And when someone were to "hit" the mckLinky logo, it only goes to the "explanation" post.

Is this correct?

Sweet Joni said...

Oh Abby is BEAUTIFUL! :) Look at that SMILE for Avalon!!! WOW!

I'm SO excited for Avalon & her family... it's AWESOME! And to think "Avalon" on a Space Shuttle! :D How KEWL! :D

I had so much FUN getting the word out about "Yellow Day" & dealing with a camera that decided to die when it flashed my photo...LOL...yes, you read that right!...LOL... I totally forgot about Monday Blog Hop!!! And believe it or not, I especially looked forward to DOING this one!!! OPPS. It'll be late! Oh well, it's been an AWESOME day meeting & re-meeting other friends that LOVE the LORD!!! :)

Blog Hop ~ Kewl Brent! Love the photos! :) Someone your children will continue to be proud of!!!

That's it, on my way back to lie down right shortly...

Bobbie b said...

I love declaring a Yellow Day in honor of Avalon! The only Avalon I could think of was Avalon in Catalina Island. That's about it.

Your Elvis photo is hilarious!!!

Abby, I'm sure, immediately knew what she wanted to wear for Yellow
Day! Good job, Abby


Krafty Max Originals said...

Well, for me it has been a very busy 20 years. I was not far out of high school, just fresh in the Navy and a live of my own. I was stationed in Porto Rico (Roosevelt Roads NAS) enjoying my single, military, career. My life was headed in a totally different direction than I ended up, however, I love my life and my family and wouldn't change ANYTHING that would have changed the way I got here. Oh ya, I was also 20 years younger....oh boy am I getting old!

Kelly L said...

Fun post~ love the Elvis!

Love to you and yours

Phronsie said...

LOL! 20 yrs ago I was 6! I don't remember much from then except kindergarten. (Because I was born in December and so I had to go to kindergarten when I was 5 turning 6 because of the cut-off.)

Concord Carpenter said...

Great post and thanks for hosting. I'm going to follow, please stop in for a visit too!