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Feb 15, 2010

Brents Extra Special Valentines Day Blog Hop Post

From Brent:

My favorite Valentines Day memory is easy: my first Valentines Day with Maria ("Michelle" to everyone else) after we got married.

I remember very clearly thinking "wow that was a great Super Bowl last Sunday" "wow, this is what true love is all about". I remember realizing that for the first time in my life I was going to get lucky on Valentines Night I was spending Valentines Day with the same woman I would spend it with every year for the rest of my life. Something I had always dreamed of... someone to share life with.

This event is extra special for us because Maria's birthday is the day before Valentines. So I get to knock out two things at once. So I get to enjoy an especially wonderful opportunity of several days of celebrating with her.

My sincere pray is that next year Abby will be doing better, and things will be calmed down so I can actually get more than 3 hours of sleep a night take Maria away somewhere for a couple of days to hunt and fish of romance and adventure.

I love doing this strike out humor, Maria's going to thinks it's hilarious Maria will no doubt have a little talk with me later about it.

Note: you can still get in the Valentines Blog Hop. It's open until tomorrow evening. I'll choose a $100 WINNER from this list:

MckLinky Blog Hop

Maria's Birthday

Of course, it's as much about the kids as anything.
They love their mom.

Garrett is getting better. You can see the remnants of a scar on his cheek.

Yeah, we get CAKE!!!!

Perty-er than a fresh-washed hound dog...

The Father-Daughter Valentines Dance at School

The school hosts a fundraiser father-daughter dance. Very precious. All the little girls dressed in their finest and the Dad's were their "date". Watching the Dad's dance with their little ladies was very very touching.

The lighting was HORRIBLE and these are from a pocket camera... it pains me to put up pictures of such low quality but the subject matter and memories make them priceless.

All the little ladies dressed in their finest...

Abby actually wasn't feeling good but she did have
about a half hour stretch where it was fun for her.

Sami with one of her friends...

Dancing with Abby...


Kat said...

Ok, you and my husband would get along a tad to well...I laughed SO hard!

Now the dance was just precious and I'm SO thankful that Abby had at least a little stretch that she really enjoyed. Your daughters are beautiful!

Debbie said...

Happy late birthday to share your day with a special little lady of mine, my daughter.
Brent, low quality or not the pictures are great.

Sandra said...

So funny, yes, we know how men think! ;)
The choc cake looks yummy.

Wendi Taylor said...

Abby is so cute in her little dress. I hope the results of her MRI last week were favorable. Praying as always.

P.S. I got your card. Such a wonderful surprise to see it was signed by Abby :-) Thanks, that made my day :-)

Sweet Joni said...

TOO Funny! I just knew you lied in the dark thinking up your next prank! [referring to the questions I answered on facebook] LOL

Looks like a wonderful weekend had!!! :) Even Garrett with the green hair! LOL

Photos are wonderful!!! [so stop whining] ;) teehee

Happy Birthday again Michelle :)

Kelly L said...

Very sweet post - my husband took my daughter on a father/daughter dance to raise money for an ultrasound machine for Horizon pregnancy center - a Christian based center - women who see their baby on an ultrasound have a much higher chance of keeping the baby. Any who - the dance was a special moment that my husband and daughter will forever remember..

Love to you

Rod and Amy said...

Happy Birthday Michelle! I hope it was great! Your skin is beautiful and flawless! Care to share your secret? (PLEASE don't say "good genes"!)

Terri said...

We continue to keep Abby and all of you in prayer! Thank you for praying for Jesse!

Love in Christ!
Terri and Jesse

Pam, mom, honey, said...

i love her eyes, i had never noticed how pretty they are. happy belated birthday

Ann Brown said...

Happy Birthday, Michelle!! (A little belated, so excuse me)


Kylie and crew. said...

Tried to add my blog to the blog hop...number 41. Obviosly I didn't do it right. Sorry. You can delete it...I can't figure out how. Thanks,

Debi said...

What a special day for your beautiful daughters!
Praying blessings over your family.
Love and hugs and prayers,

Amanda Sikes said...

Have I missed the prize? I was wondering who won and I didn't know where to look for the posted winner. Just asking. Thanks!