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Mar 8, 2010

Blog Hop - Serving Others

Tonight's blog hop is about helping, serving, ministering to other people. You know, random acts of kindness type of stuff. Get the code and instructions to the blog hop here:

From Brent

For this blog hop, some people will tells stories of others, or their own, serving and helping experiences. I want to share a good way to do TWO good things at once: serve others, and get to know your neighbors.

Most people today live in a neighborhood with people they barely know, or don't know at all. We are so busy and so "private" today that we can live next to other "houses" (people come and go a lot) and never know the occupants.

A good way to break the ice, and befriend them is to look for ways to minister to them. Keep your eyes open and ask around about:
  • Elderly neighbors who need handy man or household help
  • Sick neighbors who could use meals or housecleaning
  • Single moms or Dads who could use help with yard work or befriending their children
  • Injured or disabled neighbors who need help with tasks they can't perform
  • Hurting neighbors who need a friend or listening ear
And then there's just simply doing something nice for them for no specific reason: take them some baked goods, or flowers, or something out of your garden. Invite them over for dinner or to church.

We should get to know our neighbors so that we can show God's love to the world... and finding out a way to help, serve or minister to them is a perfect "excuse" to introduce yourself.

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Kara Grace said...

Also, if you have a Lily Sparrow where you live, it is amazing. I am lucky enough to live within a block of that house filled with love, and it is truely hard to give what goes on there justice!! Great place to find Jesus.

The Lily Sparrow House is a place for women and children to go when they have no place else, for up to two years. They have a huge wall that has tons on tons of messages written by people who have stayed there.

Robyn said...

I agree about not knowing your neighbors. We are blessed to live on a wonderful street where we can always ask a neighbor for a helping hand or they offer before you even think of it. I love your ideas to get to know others!

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

Great post on ways to "serve others", especially sharing the love of Christ by helping those around us...that serving doesnt have to mean traveling far, in order to minister to someone.

Blessings & Aloha!