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Mar 10, 2010

Fighting, Arguing, Contention

From Brent

Contention, strife, turmoil, arguing, fights... who hasn't had there share?

As Christians, we have practical reasons and practical answers to this issue. I've written about it over on if you are interested.

Read it here...


God's Not Finished With Us Yet... said...

I love Photography and am SO INTO it myself. Just recently went to my local County Clerks Office to register my business name and then opened a bank DBA. I just got my application in the mail to get my Sales Tax ID but the application looks long so I've been procrastinating. Shame on me!! lol.

I have a couple of Digital Photography Guides books as well, but like the looks of this one you show a photo of at the top left of your blog.

If you feel up to it you are welcome to visit my family blog because I am asking for others to take the short time to vote on their to favorite photo I worked on and leave a comment on their next 2 favorites for me to 'blow up' for an event I was invited to next weekend. Feel free to also view my Photography Website which is at, but just to warn you it is still under construction so you may notice a lot of 'black' links/tabs...sorry 'bout that.

Are you a member of I Heart Faces too?

Well if you have a personal email I would love to get your opinion on something. I'll try to see if you list it on your blog or if you have a contact tab on here. If not than you can visit my family blog and leave a comment on our 'Contact Us' tab at the top menu bar of our blog which will go directly to our email and from there I can write you back direcly for what I'd like to get some Photography input on, that is if you don't mind of course.

AGH! Gotta run...just realized I'm running late for dropping off my 4 year old to preschool....yikes!!

Kind Regards and Blessings,

~Sarah Cecilia