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Mar 10, 2010

Fit@665 - Brent

From Brent

Yeah, I know, the title says "fit at SIX HUNDRED SIXTY FIVE"... that's how long it will take if I don't get on track. I was down about 30 pounds and working out every day - feeling GREAT - and then...

I got very very very ridiculously busy with with a big project for my employer, Abby starting getting sick again, etc, etc, and next thing you know I haven't worked out for two weeks and have put back on about 10 pounds.

Well, you can't change the past, but I can certainly get back on track starting today. One thing that really helped me was being accountable publicly to all our friends out there. However, posting about it every day quickly saw our readers and traffic declining. We don't write this blog based on popularity but it's not our wish to bore people with stuff that has no blessing or meaning for them either.

So, for my own need, I'll include a quick, very short blurb every day with my progress just as a side note to other things.

Because I work alone at an office behind my house, the only interaction or accountability I have on a daily basis with other people (besides my wife and kids) is with you fine folks. You are my "friends", my "co-workers", the people I "hang out" with.

For those of you who could care less about the whole fitness thing I'm doing, that's okay, I don't expect people to invest what little time they have giving a rip about my personal weight and health. Just ignore the blurbs and skip over them.

For those of you who can offer a little encouragement and accountability, you have my most heartfelt appreciation. I know that I can be a much better husband, father, minister, writer and servant if I am in good health and fitness.

Me and my beautiful wife at Abby's art show last week.
That's the Oklahoma State Capitol in the background.

Brent Riggs Blog

I just put up a post of random thoughts over on my blog - a little something about "words", "PDA", small towns and saving money... read it here.


Sweet Joni said...

holy Gracious! You two are BEAUTIFUL ly looking good there!!! And perfect background with the windows :)

As for the rest of the blog... Get up, dust yourself off & start a new day! ;) Not every day is going to bring GOOD excercise but do you remember that walking the halls of a hospital or house cleaning & even making love to your beautiful wife is STILL excercise? Now stop reading this & do 50! LOL

Praying continuously for Abby!!! It's taken a bit of a toll on me & I've not even met you all but feel like family after what 2.5 or 3 yrs now...
Love, Peace & Hugs,
~Joni Lee

Mom to 9 Blessings! said...

Brent we are here to support you!

I love that photo of you and Michelle. Beautiful!

Know that we are praying daily for all of you!

Blessings and love,

purejoy said...

i too work alone. and my online friends i've met through blogs like yours are what keep me going. losing weight is a huge struggle. if it was easy, it wouldn't be a multi-million dollar enterprise.
wishing you the best.
and i'm right there with you on trying to lose weight. in fact, i'm off to walk now.
praying for abby!

Jules said...

That is a beautiful picture of you two.

Good luck getting back on track. I am so grateful for my friends here in blog land...

Nora S. said...

Brent- I was wondering just yesterday what had happened with the fitness plan as you had been very quiet...I'll be watching for those little blurbs now--press on. BTW you two look wonderful in the picture--speaking of pictures can we see any of the the art work from that night?

Michelle--How did the meeting with the PA go yesterday? How is Miss Abby this moring?

Your in my thoughts and prayers.


Precious 3 said...

Ok, so you're still down 20 pounds, right? Not bad! I've recently had struggles, but it's my kids that keep getting sick. My husband has also been out of town, we're getting ready to move, my daughter is getting ready for eye surgery,and I feel like we are all about DR appointments lately. But I've realized I have to do something about my weight anyway, because there's never going to be an "easy" time to do it. Yesterday I worked out with my toddler clinging to my leg, haha. I helps when my kids workout with me, because they always make me laugh. Maybe have Landis run circles around you and do push ups? My toddler loves that, although it's hard not to trip on him LOL!

whenpigsfly said...

Well ROmans 8:1 to you !!! NO CONDEMNATION! We'll be praying for you to get back on the track and reclaim the loss of those 10 pounds and they bring a whole bunch of buds along with them to the loss column!!
GREAT photo of the two of you!!!
Linda and crew

Debi said...

Standing with you in prayer, push-ups, weight training and cardio and through the ups and downs of getting and staying in shape.
It seems like the older and busier we get, the harder it is to stay on track. The good thing is, you are back to it- now keep focused and press ahead. Get rid of the "bad" foods and set aside a time to exercise.
Time for me to get to the gym!
Hugs and prayers,
your exercise buddy in Beaverton, Oregon,

Debi said...

P.S. Great picture!

Sonia said...

I am encouraging you and letting you know I enjoy reading about your fitness quest. We also have a very ill child and I also feel compelled to do something. I had just gotten into a routine, lost 17 lbs, and then we spent the last month or so at Duke. I gained 4 lbs back and now, as far as workouts feel like I'm starting over. But we'll get there.

Praying for Abby and your whole family.

Marie said...

I was enjoying the Fit @ 45 posts so glad to hear they will be back.

It's easy to let things slide when you get busy and stressed, you're taking the right attitude that you're getting right back on the wagon. Accept that these times will come around where you are too busy and exercise loses priority, but be ready to get right back on track when you can.

Gabby said...

Hey, well I can't join you on your journey, as I struggle NOT to LOSE weight. But I will read, and encourage. You can do it. I know it!

Stephanie said...


My husband has lost 35 pounds since November 15th by drinking smoothies. He mixes Stonyfield Farms Organic yogurt (32ozs.) with blueberries (small container-I think it's 4 ozs.) ,raspberries (small container), and strawberries (16 oz. container). He adds the yogurt and blends in fruit untli the blender is full. He stores them in mason jars with lids in the fridge. I believe this recipe makes about 4 smoothies. He drinks one every morning and if he's still hungry he has a banana or an apple. He eats a decent lunch at work, usually leftovers from home or eggdrop soup and chicken on a stick from the nearest chinese restaurant. Dinner is whatever were having at home (we eat FAIRLY healthy MOST of the time -haha) If he can't find raspberries or blueberries he substitutes blackberries(full of seeds) or bananas.

He stopped the smoothies for a while thinking it wouldn't matter and his weight loss stopped. My mom recently saw someone on TV talking about the smoothies and how they help men lose weight but don't seem to help women lose weight. I really wish I could have watched that show.

The smoothies are a little expensive but it does make eating on the run easy for him in the mornings. I just thought I would share this since it is working so well for him. He is a big guy like you and now he's shrinking.

Much love from NC,

KBThompson said...

I haven't been in good health lately. In fact it's been the opposite. Anyway mostly it's because of my weight which I'm consiering surgery to fix. I'm a paraplegic, and I really let my weight get out of control. I recently had to go on oxygen as my heart wasn't puming enough at night to keep me alive for much longer adn was weakining but this is the 1st yr i have been out of the hospital. The weight really piles on, whether you're the patient or the fam, when you constantly look at hospital walls.

I'd love to follow your weight loss journey whether you put up the posts here or another blog, or wherever, and I'm sure there are thousands of us out there who'd consider them a blessing to help guide us & give us some accountability. Forgive the typos, it is a netbook keyboard! Too small for fat fingers:)

I wishI could exercise like a normal person or just walk, but wll find some way I can improve my health. Knowing others are out there sruggling and sharing helps, so thank you!