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Mar 25, 2010

A New Sumpin Sumpin To Eat

From Brent

As part of my Fit@45 journey, I do a lot of cooking. My criteria is "low-cal, filling, healthy, AND EASY TO MAKE".

I'm not one of them there GOR-MET cooks... I don't use recipes, I have ZERO culinary training. My cooking philosophy is this: "what sounds good? Hmmm, I think I throw that together and see what it tastes like."

I've cooked a lot of things ONCE (can you guess why only once?) but I've been cooking long enough that I stumble on to some pretty tasty concoctions that are added to my list of favorites. Original? Groundbreaking? Some sort of cooking expert? No, no and heck no. I'm sure everything I cook is just something I've seen before and have it filed away in the ole brain matter. And I'm not afraid to try things. So with that disclaimer, I thought I'd occasionally show you some of my favorite creations.


I don't like COOKED spinach... cooked too much that is. I like it raw, and I found a way to cook it HOT but not overcook it which I think really changes the taste (to something I don't care for). It makes a great, filling meal... and like all my stuff, it's EASY.

Baby spinach, mushrooms, some onion, a tablespoon of bacon bits (real),
minced garlic, a little Mozzarella, salt and pepper.
And the olive oil spritzer. Get one... I use it almost every time a I cook.
Keeps you from using too much oil; just enough for taste and cooking.

Spritz the pan with olive oil; you don't need much; keeps the calories down.
Medium high heat.

Throw in everything except the cheese and spinach.
Garlic and onions to your preference;
just enough bacon bits for flavor, not bulk. Remember, low calorie...

Don't over cook things. Get it hot, the mushrooms should just
start changing shade and the onions getting soft; about 3-5 minutes.
Things continue to cook even after turning off the heat and taking
it out of the pan. Account for that and don't let it overcook.

Toss in the spinach, spritz with olive oil.

The spinach cooks fast. If you like stronger tasting spinach, cook longer.
If you like more of a fresh veggie taste (like me), cook less.
I cook for about 2-3 minutes knowing it will continue to cook until it cools.
Sprinkle the cheese on. Use very little.
It's for a dash of taste not bulk (or calories).

Eat it fresh out of the pan while hot. Healthy, delicious, easy fast
and low calorie. Perfect for "Fit @45".


Nora S. said...


I love the sound of the spinach-mushroom-whatever--we'll give it a try. The pictures are great--I need pictures when trying a new recipe. Keep sharing the success stories. I'm always looking for something new to cook--and healthy too!

By the way how did the pulmonary appointment go for Abby?


Mandi said...

The recipe looks good! I've been findig ways to experiment with spinage. Juicing them works wonders with beets, apples and carrots! Also I've put them in chicken cut in half with some fetta cheese and secure with a tooth pick and bake! Super nummy and my husband and 1 1/2 year old son don't even mind that their eating spinage :)

Wendi Taylor said...

Yes, how is Abby? I'm on pins & needles waiting for an update.

Looks delicious. I don't eat pork, but I may try a variation of this recipe without the bacon (or with turkey bacon... less fat that way anyway).

Amanda said...

Hi Brent,
That looks like a very yummy meal you have made for yourself. I want to caution you though. Olive oil is not meant to be cooked with. If you fry/cook with olive oil, the heat from frying/cooking with it actually makes the olive oil toxic. Olive oil is meant only for "garnishing", not cooking. Just wanted to let you know. I don't want to over-step my boundaries, but if you would like a list of oils that can be cooked with, I will be more than happy to email you a list.

I also wanted to mention that a Registered Dietitian I am doing some work with is starting a 100% online weight loss/"lifestyle" class. Not sure if this is something you would be intersted in (it will give you the "positives" of food, help balance food/exercise with life, as well as various other topics that will help you to live healthy). If this is something you are interested in, please let me know and I would be more than happy to give you the details in a more private email, so as not to take up all kinds of space in your comment section.

Keep up the great work! I know this "change" can be challenging, but hang in are doing great. Take care and God Bless!

Amanda P., Dietitian, CTWM

Lisa said...

I just made this for lunch and it was fantastic...I used a bit of pepperjack cheese and it gave it a tiny bite to it...I think my husband will eat it to.
Thank you for sharing.

Debi said...

sounds yummy!
I love fresh spinach salads with olive oil and lemon juice dresssing. I also love stir fry vegetables. I will have to try this new option.

trooppetrie said...

I really think I may try this. okay has anyone taught you cheating, how is it going. were you in NC, I could have swore i saw you at ruby tuesdays (snicker, snicker)

Erin Jeffries said...

Mmmmm...try this with tomato and feta cheese. yum. my kind of food. I cook like this all the time. Try a can of stewed tomatoes and some cut okra (not battered) and some seasonings. This is a good meal too. Oh, you put it in the skillet like your mushroom dish. I serve it over chicken broth rice, but I'm feeding a child who needs more

Kritter Krit said...

Wow!! That looks fantastic!! I'm adding this to the grocery list tonight. Thanks. :-)