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Apr 17, 2010

A Couple of Feel Good Pics on a Feel Bad Day

From Brent

A couple of pics that brightened our day a little.

A beautiful lilac right outside our back door.
I love taking pics of flowers... yes, me... ex-Drill Sgt...
I love photographing flowers.

Lando-Commando goes airborne on Dodo's trampoline.

Dodo is "Dorothy", our next door neighbor, Mr. Johnny's wife for those of you who've been reading our blog for any length of time. They are one of the elderly couples that we use the"mowing for widows" lawn mower for. Dorothy is not technically a widow, but Johnny is in extremely poor health and Dodo has to do everything herself including caring for him. She is like a grandmother to our kids.


Bobbie Bailey said...

brent, you are a man with man talents! the picture of the lilac is amazing! really beautiful!

Mom to 9 Blessings! said...

Great shots!

Hugs to you all,

James 1:27 Family said...

Praise God for these moments to rejuvenate us and give us renewed strength to endure.

Much love,

Elizabeth said...

That's such a beautiful flower and a beautiful photo! I've been taking some photos of flowers as well and have some up on my blog. It is so much fun, I'm glad you can still enjoy such things during all the stress.

Still praying!