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Apr 27, 2010

Is This Funny?

From Brent

Where Laughter Lives... the name of our blog. Anyone who has visited us for very long knows that we have a pervasive sense of humor... from photos, to April Fool's joke (people are still mad at me from last year), to videos to funny stories.

We love to laugh, we love humor, we love the happiness of a funniness.

I've been sent the following joke several times. Is it funny?

Dear Lord, You have taken my favorite singer, Michael Jackson. And you have taken from me my favorite actress, Farrah Fawcet. You have also taken from me my favorite actor, Patrick Swayze. Lord, I just wanted to let you know that my favorite president is Obama. Amen

Depending on how well you know me as a Bible teacher, you might be surprised at my answer. I write about it on my personal blog:


Reeder said...

When humor attempts to denigrate one of God's attributes it is no longer humor, but rather falls into the category of course jesting up to vileness.

Jesus died for Obama as surely as he died for the most ardent of Christ seekers, for certainly none of us came from the womb seeking Christ but rather our own sinful desires.

The scripture would adjure us to remember that with whatever judgment we meat out to others that same judgment shall come knocking upon our own front, or back door.

NONE of us would call for judgment upon our own life; each of us wold surely prefer grace and forgiveness.

Christ hung on a rugged splinter strewn beam one bleak and dreary Friday afternoon for almost 6 hours paying the price that none else could.

"Funny", at least for me is not the issue in this question, but rather judgment.

I know justice is not what I want; can't speak for any other but through an old carpenter's eyes would bet few if any would want it either.

Based upon the "tenor" of the commentator's words as well the innuendo's, this person is not being completely honest nor funny, at best he is wishing God's judgment upon our Nation to be removed.

Ruth's husband and son's are a grand study in attempting to remove one's self from God's hand of discipline.

an old scruffy carpenter

Reeder Lyons

The Gotch 5 said...

I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!! AMEN that is all I have to say!!!!!!!!!

Wendi Taylor said...

Funny? Yes. Appropriate, Christ-like, something we should pass on? Nope.

Nana Jul said...

Yes....We were laughing out loud!! That was funny!

Anonymous said...

I've been reading your blog for a few months now, following your news with interest, although I've never left a comment before. I know that my views are much more moderate than yours and I live in the UK so culturally there are bound to be differences.

I, too, have seen this joke on Facebook and one of my 'friends' (not known in real life but only thorough Facebook) posted it, shortly followed by a comment about our POS POTUS. I knew the acronym of POTUS but went away and was really shocked that someone would talk about the office of the President like that. Like one of the commenters on your other blog, I'm from a military family and was brought up to respect the position if not the person.

So, on the topic of the joke I don't find it at all funny. Not from a religious perspective, because it's silly to think God would enter into human politics etc. but because it's hugely disrespectful. Also, as I found out from my (now ex-)friend, some people actually WISH that this would happen and that disturbs me more than words can say.

Thanks for your views on it, I found it very interesting.


snekcip said...

Not in the least!! I guess some people find humor in anything!