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Apr 23, 2010

Join Me on a Talk Radio Show Test at 10pm CST tonight

"The Mind of Brent"

I'm firing up the blogtalk radio show next week, and tonight I'm just testing out the tools and controls trying to get the hang of them...

If you are online from 10-11pm tonight, you can call/skype/chat with me and help figure out how to work all this stuff. The show won't be about anything in particular tonight... I'm just using it as a test run but it will be fun to talk to some of you fine blog friends.

Should be an adventure. Check it out here:
Official show page:
Chat and listen:


alisha said...

Hi. This comment is for Michelle, and doesn't really fit this post-- sorry! My name is Alisha Cary, and I was cleaning out some bags of ours from the hospital the other day and found your blog URL. I do not know if you will remember me or not-- our little boy, Ridge, was hospitalized a door or two down from Abby back in July last year. We didn't know what his disease was. Low platelets, they assumed leukemia, or ITP. It was a week before we knew the answer-- a rare rare disease called MLT (30-35 diagnosed cases in the entire world). Anyway, I have thought about your family often in the last 9 months, most of which we have spent in the hospital. I was so glad to have come across the paper you gave me with your blog URL so I could let you know that you were such an encouragement to me in those few days I got to visit with you. So glad to be able to follow Abby's story here. Our family blog site is and my email is you so much again. Thoughts and prayers your way, often!