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Apr 26, 2010

The Mind of Brent - Blog Talk Radio Show... Very Special Guests Tonight

On my blog talk radio show tonight (The Mind of Brent), we are going to have some very special guests I wanted to give you a heads up about.

Matt and Lorraine Patterson are going to call in to talk with us about their daughter Chrissie. Chrissie, 3, had open heart surgery this week and died not once but twice only to see God work wonders through the physicians who brought her back to life.

Today, dubbed "Miracle Monday", has seem some astonishing progress with Chrissie, gifts from God's own hand to this wonderful family and their brave little daughter.

Join us at 10pm CST, tonight (Monday), if you want to hear the show live and call in to talk with the Pattersons. All the shows are recorded and you can listen any time if you can't make it tonight.

The Mind of Brent - Weekdays, 10pm Central.

Listen online live to the audio, or chat with the guest and hosts:

Call in: (347) 677-1517


Mama D.'s Dozen said...

I've been listening in. LOVE it!

I've been following Chrissie's blog closely, since you posted the prayer requests for her. It was great to hear from her Dad & Mom tonight.

Laurel :)

Nora said...

Got to the recording of Chrissie's mom and you. Thank you for sharing their amazing story.

Wendi Taylor said...

I've been following her story since you posted about it recently... that precious little girl is in my thoughts and prayers.