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Apr 27, 2010

The Mind of Brent - Tonight: More with Lorraine Patterson

We continue tonight ont he show (The Mind of Brent), talking with Lorraine Patterson about her daughter Chrissie. Chrissie, 3, had open heart surgery this week and died not once but twice only to see God work wonders through the physicians who brought her back to life.

Yesterday, dubbed "Miracle Monday", has seem some astonishing progress with Chrissie, gifts from God's own hand to this wonderful family and their brave little daughter.

Join us at 10pm CST, tonight (Monday), if you want to hear the show live and call in to talk with the Lorraine. All the shows are recorded and you can listen any time if you can't make it tonight.

The Mind of Brent - Weekdays, 10pm Central.

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Reeder said...


As I've set contemplating my earlier response a friend sent me the following link,
you may have already seen this but I believe it is an even better response to your question about "funny" than mine for this link deals with the base of why your question even had to be asked in the first place. I hope the video in the link touches you as deeply as it did me. Seemingly it would touch others at the core of the problem you have presented.

your friend


Mama D.'s Dozen said...

I wrote a post about this.

:) :) :)

Debi said...

Just got finished listening to the recording with Lorraine Patterson from last night. Awesome!
My laptop computer decided to do some flakey stuff when I tried to listen live so I'm glad it was recorded.
Hopefully tonight I will catch the show live. What amazing family! Glad that you "introduced" me to them.
Love and hugs and prayers,