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Apr 26, 2010

Monday Night Blog Hop

From Brent

The Linky Tools Blog Hop theme for this Monday is "PHOTOS THAT MAKE YOU FEEL GOOD". Let’s do a Thumbnail Linky Blog Hop. Post any photo that makes your readers feel good: kids, fun, beauty, inspiration…

Garth was incredibly friendly and genuinely interested.
He seemed in no hurry and was gracious with photos and autographs.
I've always heard he was a pretty nice guy, and I got to see it first hand.

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Nora said...

Good Morning - Just stumbled across your post "Why Not Let Evolution Design It?" Great what you wrote! The hand is an amazing design as is every system in our body! I really don't understand how people miss the amazing design of animals, plants, the universe etc.?

I missed your radio blog with Chrissie's parents last night and I'm trying to find where I can listen to it--am I missing where I get to this recording of the interview?

Hope things are running smoothly at your home this morning. Keeping you all in prayer.