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Apr 23, 2010

Open Season Friday

From Brent

We have a lot of new followers over that past few months. We haven't done Open Season Friday in a while, so I thought it would be fun to fire that up today.

Open Season Friday is...

Ask us anything you want. Questions about the Bible, faith, family, parenting, blogging, business, graphic design, photography, writing, even personal questions. Whatever... it's open season.

Leave your question on this Linky Tools Questions List:

We may not choose to answer every question, but don't hesitate to ask. We are pretty generous with advice, and pretty open about our life and family.


Anonymous said...

How do you handle a loved one that consistently "tears" you down no matter what?

Sweet Joni said...

When Abby is In-patient does Michelle get her meals off the cart like Abby would or does she have to go to the cafeteria???