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Apr 2, 2010

Thumbnail Linky Test Results and One Final Question

From Brent

Thanks so much for helping me test the new Thumbnail Linky (it's in the previous post if you haven't done it yet). After fixing a couple of initial bugs, the "it didn't work" comments fell off to just a few with most of those having do with the cropping tool.

One Last Quick Favor

If you experienced ANY problems with the Linky, could you leave me a quick comment and
  1. tell me what the problem was (example: "didn't work at all", or, "the cropping tool didn't work right", or "couldn't get my images to appear")
  2. tell me WHAT WEB BROWSER (Internet Explorer? FireFox?, Safari? etc)
  3. and what browser VERSION (IE Version 8 or Firefox Version 3, etc) you were using when tried the Thumbnail Linky
  4. Leave me the blog address where you were trying to get your image so I can test it
It would a BIG HELP to me to know those things. As a programmer, I have to account for several different browsers, browser versions and operating systems. It's a real headache.

I REALLY REALLY REALLY appreciate you taking a minute to help me with this fun new tool. I couldn't make this stuff work without people helping me test it.



Debbie said...

my imagine didnt show up at all. I use IE 8.

Karen said...

I still cannot get the cropping tool to work. I use IE version 8.


Ann said...

cropping tool didn't work (or, it's possible that I don't know how to use it)

I use Safari.

Ann Schrooten

Holly said...

Internet Explorer 8- the cropping feature didn't work at all.
Hope this helps! I am pretty computer illiterate

Kelli said...

I use Firefox and the pic was warped the first time but it worked fine the second time I cropped.

Cara said...

The cropping tool did not work correctly for me. I am using Internet Explorer 8.

trooppetrie said...

I just tried again and it still would not let me move the tool to crop it. i wonder if i am just doing something wrong. you are more than welcome to use me to help try any of it out. thank you for the update on abby, Praising about the no CF