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Apr 25, 2010


From Brent

We had someone respond who could give Garth and Trisha a thank you gift from Abby... we'd like to do the same for Troy Aikman...

Does anyone know how we could get a card, photos and gift to his family? Anyone know them? And would be willing to make sure a package gets to him?

Abby would be thrilled... he was very sweet to her...



Anonymous said...

Does your hospital contact have a contact for Troy's publicist or scheduler? Surely, they were in touch with someone in his "camp."

Another thought would be checking out his website.

Third thought -- doesn't he work for Fox or ESPN? Last resort, of course, but perhaps someone sees what it is and makes sure Troy gets it.

Adore Abby ~ and a huge Cowboys fan, too, so Troy was a favorite!

Melissa from Boston