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Apr 12, 2010

Weekend Pics - Soccer and Camping

From Brent

Here are some pics from our weekend with our first soccer game (for Abby and Landis) and our first family campout (which would have happened a couple of years ago except for Abby getting sick).

Soccer at this age is fun... like herd of puppies chasing a kitten.

Hannah gets instruction on her first time shooting a bow.

On the firing line... Hannah is excited about shooting a bow.

Looks good at this point... I won't show you the
photos of where the arrow ended up.

Abby got to be a "victim" for the stretcher build-n-carry races.

Ain't dem lil' cuties?
Abby and Landis sitting in the shade watching Garrett.

Boy Scouts learning to tie knots. Garret is in red on the
right with Abby and Landis standing in front of him.

Our tents and Landis roughing it with a drink from Sonic.

Coming back to the campsite from soccer Saturday morning.

Hannah has gotten really good at sports and loves it.

She is really growing into her agility and athleticism.

Landis didn't have his uniform so we put it on over his sweats
which made for an interesting style. He loved playing his first game.

Landis gives the thumbs up when the game is over...

...and Abby's just glad it's over. She was pooped out.


jody said...

you cannot put up a picture of Hannah about to shoot an arrow and have the next photo be of Abby on a stretcher!!! I thought something had gone terribly wrong for a minute, haha!!! Glad y'all had a fun getaway!!

Debbie said...

Me too Jody.

Mom to 9 Blessings! said...

OK I am with Jody - thinking OH NO WHAT HAPPENED TO ABBY!

PHEW! Praise God she is fine and just tired after all of that excitement!

Adorable shots of the little cuties and Hannah is beautiful!!!

Check out my post today I need your help Brent!

Love and blessings - Jill

Are These Kids All Yours? said...

Beautiful! So glad you all got to go, and I LOVE seeing you all having fun! Praying, praying, praying- daily for provision and strength and healing for all of you!

The Mrs. said...

I may have missed it (I have not been on the computer a whole lot lately) but I haven't seen an update on Garrett in a while. Just wondering how he has been doing?

Still praying daily! :)

Debi said...

Looks like a very fun weekend! Glad you got away for some "normal" family stuff.
I had the same "oh, no" innitial response with the Hannah shooting followed by the Abby on the stretcher.
Still praying for your family daily.
Love and hugs and prayers,

Holly said...

Um, I'm with Jodi. I had a little mini panic attack. I thought Sami, I mean Hannah shot Abby on accident. VERY naughty Mr. Riggs.
I hope the Lord gives your family many more ornery days :)
How is Garrett by the way????
Holly- Purpose Driven Family