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Apr 19, 2010

Would You Visit and Pray?

From Brent

Abby has a dear friend, Mattie, who I'll be writing a story on in the next issue of SeriousLife Magazine. You may remember that I went to see Mattie at Give Kids the World a few weeks ago when they were there on a trip for her sister Chrissie.

Chrissie died today. Then was resuscitated, and is now barely clinging to this world and her family by machines.

The Patterson's rescue-adopted Chrissie knowing she had massive heart problems that would require dangerous surgery. This morning Chrissie was smiling and happy as adults sent her off to have her chest cut open.

They opened her up three times as the day progressed. Then she died. Then God brought her back using the caring hands of gifted physicians.

The Patterson's have loved Abby and even left us a sweet comment of encouragement TODAY while Chrissie was in surgery, thinking of our hardship even while dealing with one many times more critical. Please help us love the Patterson's back and give them some of the encouragement and prayer that you've showered on Abby.

Would you visit their blog and leave some encouragement for them? It would mean a lot to us. It would mean a lot to Abby. It would mean the world to the Patterson's who need the loving encouragement of caring and tender-hearted folks right now.


Kat said...

Crying and praying for Chrissie and Abby....

Gena said...

Thanks! I left them my prayers!

whenpigsfly said...

I stopped and prayed for Chrissie as I read your post and then her mom's blog as well. Our girls have been asking me all day about Abby, including our grown daughter Hannah when she came for baby Charlie after work today. Trusting for that 50 to be even the tiniest bit bigger tomorrow but hoping for a big leap!
Linda and crew+ Anita's 4

Nicki Zieth said...

Brent, thankyou so much for posting this link to Chrissie and her families blog, My prayers are with them, I have posted it on my facebook as I am a heartmum and adoptive mum myself and have lots of CHDfamilies who would willing pray for Chrissie, many have been though what this family is going though now....just heartbreaking.
Our prayers also continue for Abby and for all of you as you support her.

Are These Kids All Yours? said...

Definitely praying continuously for Abby- my kids remember that name pretty easily. Praying for her to heal well!!! Come on sweet Abby- keep hanging in there!!!!

Will hop on over & send some love and prayers for Chrissie.

Kelli said...

Done. Praying for miracles for that sweet little girl and yours also.


Kelly L said...

Praying for Chrissie and for Abby.

Love to you

Sweet Joni said...

First, Praise God for 50 ANC

Second, His Healing Hands Are Working in His Time

Third, You Go Abby Angel Warrior!!! YOU CAN DO IT Precious One!!! :)

Prayers after day after day & I'm honored to be able to for you!!! Thank You for ALL you've done thru & with Him!!!

Stephanie said...

773 scary days down. 213 hopeful days to go. Abby is 78% of the way there. Praise God. Still praying for your family and sweet Abby.

I also left a message for Mattie's family and will pray for Chrissie.

Much love from NC,

Becca Harley said...

praying for you guys, abby, chrissie and her family.
Becca Harley

Mom to 9 Blessings! said...

Prayers remain and heading there now!

Lots of love from our family to yours!

Ang said...

Dear Ones in Christ~
I've passed by several times. Passed by because my heart broke for Abby. Afraid to get too close. Today I stopped. I stopped to really listen to what Jesus would say. Immediately the tears came. Though you don't know me, I commit to praying for your family and Chrissie's family. I confess I am nothing without Christ. However, because of the Lord's great mercy and grace, I will be praying. Praying for your moment-by-moment walk with the Lord.

Wendi Taylor said...

I was out of town all weekend but I am praying now.

Michelle said...

Yesterday, Olivia said"Mom, I have prayed so much for Abby she seems like a cousin to me!"
Spoken like a true 8 year old! :)
Michelle Mann

Kritter Krit said...

Praying for Abby and for Chrissie.

Nancy said...

Praying for Chrissie...AND Abby!!!

Nancy in CT

Holly said...

Trusting in Him Who is more than able...

wy-not said...

I should never have started to name the people I pray for daily. I knew I would leave somebody out. How could I have left Aviana out of my list? I know there are others too who have my daily prayers, my love and my support. God bless you all as you fight this big, important fight. I admire you and I salute you.

Sandy at God Speaks Today said...