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May 25, 2010

Chrissie's Celebration - A Few Photos

From Brent

I was honored to photograph Chrissie's celebration and graveside service this weekend. We were blessed to stay the night at the Patterson's and had a wonderful, wonderful time.

I don't want to rob the Patterson's of the joy of presenting the photos on their blog first, so I'll just show a few of my own personal favorites here.

It was a beautiful service with each family member sharing.

The church was decorated for joy, not mourning.

Lorraine eloquently and passionately shared about Chrissie's life.

An old broken windmill and wagon at the entrance
of Forgotten Saw Ranch where the Patterson's live.

The new windmill... as we drove up the sun was
going down and I got one good shot.

Matt loves kids. He give the kids rides in wagons and
on horses as many times as they wanted.

Mattie and Abby.

Hannah and Meribeth... beautiful, huh?

My favorite photo of the weekend. They had closed the
lid on Chrissie's casket and Matt lingered alone with his
private memories of Chrissie.

Me and Mattie. What a PRECIOUS girl she is!
The Patterson's are obviously marvelous parents.
She is a sweet, sweet joy. I'd scarf her up in a microsecond
but her Mom and Dad probably wouldn't cooperate.

Reminder: Radio Show Tonight

Join me tonight on "The Mind of Brent" as we visit with Laurel Diacogiannis on how to juggle life in a Godly way when it becomes a circus. Ever happen to you?


Anonymous said...

Those are wonderful pictures - thank you for posting them. I was able to watch Chrissie's celebration online and I thought they did such a wonderful job sharing about her life. I only started following the Patterson's blog and praying for her when you posted about her on your blog, so I didn't know much at all about her from before the surgery.

I've never met Mattie, but I agree with you about her. What a beautiful girl, inside and out. It did not escape me that she was doing her best to figure out how to help the Riggs family, even as her own little sister fought for her life. What a wonderful example of selflessness, so rarely seen in children (or adults!) these days. She is truly a treasure!

Emma said...

These photos are rather awesome. beautiful girls :) I do feel that Chrissie is so obviously missing and I still can't get my head around the fact that she's gone, but I do believe and trust that she's probably as happy now. I would love to've been there but obviously being across a massive ocean from there does prevent that a bit.

thanks for sharing x

Courtney Kay said...

what a beautiful memory in honor of a courageous life

Mom to 9 Blessings! said...

Praising God for your time with their family Brent. You did a beautiful job with the photos!

Blessings and love,

Debi said...

Glad that you were able to be there for the Patterson family.
I was able to join the celebration online. I was just so amazed by God's strength and grace upon Lorraine as she spoke of her precious daughter.
Continuing to pray always for this wonderful family.
Love and hugs and prayers,

Michelle said...

What wonderful pictures. I was able to watch online and it was a truly spectacular thing to watch God shine through Lorraine as she spoke. Lorraine looked at peace as she spoke...something that obviously could have only come from God!
Michelle Mann

Jim Pankey said...

Such a good family--yours and the Patterson's. I don't know how you do all the things you do, but God bless all and may Chrissie rest in peace with her new extended family. Special girl, that Mattie!