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May 18, 2010

Life Is A Circus

From Brent

Tonight on the radio show (The Mind of Brent) at 10pm CST, we talk with Laurel Diacogiannis.

Life is Like a Circus

Do you ever feel like… a High-Wire Walker, trying to focus? An animal trainer, facing the wild lions? Or an animal caretaker, cleaning the cages and feeding the cubs all day? Learn to make God your daily ringmaster.

Be sure to join us for some great insight and conversation.


Anonymous said...

Hi Brent ~ After your last post, I saw that many folks offered to help in different ways. Some with small monetary donations, others willing to help however they could. I'm wondering why you haven't responded. I would love to watch this new adoption happen...with the different ways folks can help! Please, let us know where your family is with the process.