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May 3, 2010

Monday Night Linky Tools Themed Blog Hop

From Brent

Linky Tools has two official Blog Hops… Monday night (themed) and Friday (Contests & GiveAways). We own Linky Tools, so we like to do the blog hop here on our family blog.

This Monday night the theme is “Nicknames”. Tell us about nicknames you are aware of: you, your kids, funny nicknames, inspiring nicknames, interesting, awful... let's have some fun telling about the nicknames we've experienced.

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We've always had fun nicknames in our house... in fact, we rarely get called by our actual names (it usually means somebody is in trouble!).
  • Brent - Pop, Daddy-O, Dad-D
  • Hannah - Sami, Samalito, Hannah-Banana, Sami-Gary
  • Landis - Lando, LandoCommando, SpideyLandis, Peter Parker, LandoPando, Buddy-Buddy
  • Abby - Frappin'Gail, AbbyBabby, Abby-Patootey, Jacqueline-Abigail-Porrrrrrtio
  • Jordan - JoJo, Jordie, JorgiePorgie, J
  • Dane - Big D, Danester, Danerama, D-Meister, D
  • Christian - Little C, Petey, Peesaw
  • Mom - uh-uh... no one is brave enough to give Michelle a nickname

Join the blog hop, let's here your nickname stories:


Sabrina said...

Technically Mom is a nickname...I go by Mom, Momma, Mommy, and MMM sometimes too. My little ones are almost as creative as yours!

Marie said...

I cannot BELIEVE nobody has nicknamed Landis Lando Calrissian yet! I demand you start calling him that at ONCE!

Oh and I gotta ask, what on earth does Jacqueline-Abigail-Porrrrrrtio mean??