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May 24, 2010

The Most Popular Idea & Chrissie's Celebration

From Brent

From emails and comments it is obvious that the most suggested and popular idea for us to raise funds for the orphan work is auction/raffles. People get something of value, and we get donations for the orphans.

A bunch of folks have said they (and probably lots of other people) would be glad to donate "stuff" to be auctioned or raffled. We are certainly blessed with an abundance of "stuff", aren't we?

So, in our continued ministry to orphans (James 1:27) we are putting out the all-call for anyone who wants to be part of the blessing. We're asking for folks to send us "stuff" we can auction. It will be more effective if we maintain a level of value that is more than few dollars (which won't even cover shipping costs), so you might "bundle" things into one package/item (such as a dozen sets of baby clothes, or 10 Christian CD's). You have our word we'll not auction off valuable items for "cheap". We will respect the investment you've made and treat each item accordingly.

Some people may just want to send the "stuff" to us and be done with it. Others might be willing to take photos, let us do the auction, then ship the items to the buyer directly. Whatever you feel led to do...

Remember, our mission is to minister to orphans. We are not ashamed, on behalf of orphans, to ask other people to invest in this good work by helping with the costs of adopting them and bringing them home. Then we'll invest a life time of parenting and care. We're not wealthy. We cannot afford the significant up front costs but we are willing to make whatever sacrifices necessary to give these precious kids a good life with a loving family.

It is a worthy eternal blessing that God considers "pure" Christianity. You don't have to be the one adopting, you can support those who are. Each is needed, each is just as important. Each has equal reward.

In America, we are blessed with lots of "stuff" and there could hardly be a better way to re-invest our "stuff" eternally than by giving it to fund raise for the care of orphans. We are going to sell a lot of our own stuff. We don't ask others to join us in something we aren't willing to do ourselves.

Every single donated PENNY for your "stuff" will go to the costs of adopting an orphan.

If you have any questions or ideas, feel free to email me ( you can send your stuff to:

Brent Riggs
Box 14
Washington, OK 73093

Chrissie's Celebration

We are almost home after a wonderful couple of days with the Patterson's. We were honored and blessed to spend the day with them yesterday, stay at their home last night, and see Chrissie buried at their ranch this morning. We stayed up until 2am sharing our lives and stories. It was a wonderful, wonderful blessing.

We'll post up photos and details as soon as we can.


Sweet Joni said...

No way dude! That's so kewl.
I watched from home & thought I saw U, But wasn't sure.

Had tears when told,
that Chrissie would lay to rest,
at the Forever Saw Ranch...

So grateful you all where there,
even lil Miss Abby in all her due.

Sweet Joni said...

Lots of stuff but not of value,
no money to ship but can do due.
I've saved a little just for you,
for you all mean the world to me.

Tho I cannot adopt, I give to you,
Every joy & blessings for the best.
May Abby's wish come true.

I don't ask what not willing to do,
I spread your word like wild fire.
For in my soul He knows it's pure,
tho set backs come,
I give what I can wherever it due.

The 3rd is coming for sure,
We will rejoice just for you.

Mom to 9 Blessings! said...

Praise God for whom all blessings flow!

Praying you home safely and an abundance of provision for your adoption!

Love and blessings,