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May 4, 2010

Tonigh on the Radio Show & Pics & Videos

From Brent

On the radio show tonight we'll be talking about "Shock & Awe". As you can guess if you know me, it's probably about something that has to do with spiritual growth and life. Tune in at 10pm Central to find out. Hope to have you...

Pics & Video & Abby

We've got some pics and a video we want to put up but don't quite have them done. Should be fun.

Abby is doing better. Her blood counts showing a lot of improvement. We are finally UNquarantined for a while. What a relief! That's means we get to leave our dungeon and venture out into the great outdoors.


Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord! I've been waiting so long for the day that Abby is UNquarantined! I've been ferverently praying for sweet Abby. What a blessing she has been in my life, I am blessed to know your family.
Mattie Patteson

Are These Kids All Yours? said...

OH praise GOD!!!! Our kids have been praying, and I can now pass on some hopeful news. They will be happy :) YEAH- I'm Happy!!!!

Will continue to pray for more healing!!!!!

Phyllis said...

Was just thinking about Abby earlier this evening and wondering how her counts were. Glad she's doing better and can get out now!! Yea!!

Can't wait to see the pics and video.

Phyllis & Kristen

Bobbie Bailey said...

good news about abby always causes many to rejoice and thank our Lord!
do enjoy God's creation!

bobbie b.

Wendi Taylor said...

***YAY!!!*** For Abby (and the rest of you as well). God is good!