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Jun 15, 2010

ER, Spinal Taps and Cooties

From Michelle:

Update: The spinal tap is starting soon.

Last week Abby's intracranial pressure was twice as high as it was supposed to be. They increased the medication that treats it and drained off 40 mls. of spinal fluid. The poor baby had a monster headache before they drained the fluid.

Unfortunately, Abby has been complaining about headaches again for the last few days. What is causing them? Hard to say. They could mean her intracranial pressure is up again or they could be just migraines.

Because high pressures can damage Abby's brain, her neurologist wants them to do a spinal tap in ER to check her pressure.

The ER doctor doesn't want to do it here because of all of the cooties floating around in the ER. They feel Abby's immune system is just to weak to handle their germs. Abby's temp was 100.8 last night, so I appreciate their caution.

Abby's oncologist, who normally does her spinal taps, is busy.

So I am sitting in ER, with Abby, while they debate. Abby hasn't eaten since dinner last night, so she is hungry, thirsty and tired of the drill. She is playing sweetly but I feel bad for her.

Thanks for praying!


libby @ ninesandquines said...

praying for abby and some relief for her....what a trooper she is...big hugs coming from michigan!

James 1:27 Family said...

Oh, Michelle. It's just so much. I'm so sorry. I know you know very well that God is holding you so tightly right now.

I'm going downstairs to gather my boys ages 8,6,and 6 and bring them up to read about Abby and we are going to pray right now for healing, for comfort, for wisdom for her doctors and for peace.

Know that you are loved so much!

In Jesus,

Wendi Taylor said...

Do doctors have NO common sense? How is starving the poor child for 24 hours supposed to help her? Sheesh. I am praying they get it sorted out quickly so that she can get something to eat. I understand that she has to have an empty stomach but you'd think if they couldn't figure out how to do it quickly then they would let her eat & schedule it for six or eight hours later. Sorry personal pet-peeve. I hate that doctors & hospitals have such little consideration for patients that aren't allowed to eat before a procedure and keep pushing it back longer and longer.

Lisa said...

Praying for Abby's pressures to be normal and for relief from her pain. Hoping its soon so she can eat...

Karen said...

I am praying for Abby! I am praying for you all too! May God pour down His Blessings on you and bring complete healing to Abby.


Are These Kids All Yours? said...

PRAYING for Abby & you too!!! Poor sweetie. My kids are praying too!

cosby2 said...

Praying that the spinal tap went well and that Abby is feeling better. She has been through so have you. Praying for strength for you both and healing for Abby.

Vonda and John said...

Still praying for Abby and that the intense pressure goes away.

whenpigsfly said...

Sweet baby! I bet she is tired of the drill! We continue to pray here even as we begin to launch our own neurological care and treatment journey with Daniel. Calls in to Dr A on his behalf now.
Hang in there Abby, keep hangin'!

Shannon said...

Praying for you all!!!!! Praying for the Lord's hand to protect Abby from pain and any germs. Hang in there!

Michelle said...

what have her pressures been?

mine were nearly 50 at the last spinal tap i had before my shunt was placed... they had to drain two HUGE vials of fluid.

my daily migraines (literally, DAILY MIGRAINES!) are unrelated but that made it hard to tell when the pressures were too high. i never knew until my vision was TOTALLY blurred, and by then it was "emergency" stage.

hard to believe that a couple hundred years ago, something they can solve relatively easily now killed people after crushing their brain. thank the Lord for modern medicine!

- Michelle

GraceFromHim said...

praying for your sweet family, I can't even imagine, but I know the Lord is right there with you and will guide and give you his peace to endure this trial. Bless her heart Abby is a trooper....
(((Big Huggs)))
The Richards Family

Ann Brown said...


I'm sorry that you and Abby had to go through that yesterday. Elke was also NPO, for an MRI, but they took her by noon, so it wasn't that bad. It just makes everything that much more difficult to handle when care isn't coordinated well, like with you all yesterday. I guess it's just difficult for them to handle all her LPs. Hang in there!

Colton's Journey said...

Hugs and prayers!

Susan A said...

I hope Abby is feeling better now and not in pain any more, praying that He will give her relief and give her strength so that she can get better.

For Brent, I have only just heard briefly about Henry Wright's conference which is coming up in a few days, and it seems to have a good report. Infos about it is in

Thought I'd bring it up in case it may be benefical... I haven't been there so I've no idea about it. I hope it's ok for me to share about this.